Rumble in Abia PDP as Discontent Mounts against Ikpeazu


Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia

The simmering discontent and anger in the Abia state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have finally reached the boiling point with the state publicity secretary, Chief Don Ubani yesterday warning against impending “implosion”.

Ubani poured out the general feelings of disappointment over Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s perceived neglect of the party executives in a post on his Whatsapp account, saying that in a culture of silence where even the party elders have been shy to tell the governor the gospel truth he has decided to “bell the cat”.
He told THISDAY that what he has done was to proffer “corrective measures” to save the ruling party from implosion, adding, “If all of us keep quiet the party will die”.

In the post, Ubani said that the situation in Abia PDP calls for concern as some prominent politicians have already dumped the party for APC, adding that speculations were now rife that four members of the House of Representatives were now ready to dump PDP for APC.

To avert a further exodus of high ranking political office holders from PDP Ubani called for “a careful, honest, strong, and effective reconciliation mechanism be put in place to, at least, reduce the number (of defectors)”.
He said, “while efforts are being made to woo new members to the party, honest efforts should also be made to make those who are still in the party to be comfortable and happy”.

The publicity secretary, who was commissioner for information and later petroleum in the last administration, said that time has come for PDP members to tell themselves the home truth in order to avoid the mistake of the past.
He said that the restiveness and discontent in the ruling party were traceable to the impunity and imposition of candidates during the last local government election as well as a horde of sycophants that have hijacked Ikpeazu.

According to him, while the clique holding Ikpeazu hostage have deliberately refused to give the correct picture of the party, they have been busy amassing personal wealth to the detriment of party unity and cohesion.

He said: “A situation where members of a ruling party in a state would at best, be suffering and smiling in squalor and abject penury while very few close to the helmsman will be swimming in flagrant ostentation, buying the best of latest SUV cars, building hostels and lodges around university campuses and spending fortunes lecherously, can never guarantee a peaceful and sustainable political environment”.

Chief Ubani said that he has satisfied his conscience by giving an early warning signal to both Governor Ikpeazu and the PDP stakeholders.

He warned that if the rumour of an impending implosion should be dismissed with a wave of the hand like the PDP “arrogantly” did at the national level in 2015, the same disastrous consequences would be witnessed in Abia come 2019.