Go After Those Inciting Nigeria Split, Buhari Orders Security Operatives


Okon Bassey in Uyo and Benjamin Nworie in Abakaliki

President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday ordered security agencies to fish out and bring to book people who indulge in act capable in threatening the peace and unity of the country through inciting statements, instigate civil disobedience, riot and rebellion.

The President gave the directive in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State during the 22nd and 23rd combined convocation of the University of Uyo (UNIUYO), expressing concern over series of issues bordering on insecurity and division of the country.

Represented by the Minister of State for Education, Prof. Anthony Anwuka, Buhari warned that “the Federal Government will never condone and tolerate incendiary remarks from any person or group of persons, which are meant to harass, intimidate, cause fear and spread hate, no matter how highly placed such a person is.”

The President, who is a Visitor to the University, noted that the convocation was held at a time of enormous economic and social challenges in the country, saying “Our elites and members of the political class also have a role to play in healing and reconciling our nation”.

“Law enforcement agencies should fish out people who put out inciting statements, instigate civil disobedience, broadcast hate speeches or stir up strife, riot and rebellion and bring them to book”, he stressed.

“The current discussions and debates have been typically lively, boisterous and even sometimes rancorous; but this year, strange and embarrassing dimensions have been introduced. The idea of a part of our country seceding from the rest is not only unacceptable, it is also unconstitutional.

“The very idea of issuing threats to a particular group of people with ultimatum for them to relocate from their legitimate places of residence is an assault on the very foundation of our nationhood.

“We cannot afford to lose any part of Nigeria through secession, dismemberment or any other process; we cannot accept the breaking of our beloved country and we can never endure this sort of internecine debate and recriminations for a much longer period.

“Within this context and as a matter of urgency, I am tasking our universities to conduct research and come up with empirical solutions for this national problem which is plaguing and even threatening our continued existence as a country today.

“It is a veritably bad and specious logic when some Nigerians point to the few countries else-where that have undergone secession as a reason why we should also break up our country, but they fail to draw attention to the fact that there are even more countries that have remained united and indivisible.

“Our elites must stop misleading our people; they must refrain from spreading fear in the society. The development and progress we all clamour for can never thrive in a hate-filled and divisive society”, the President stated.
Buhari said the nation would continue to look up to the universities for solutions to some of the challenges being faced in the country.

He pointed out that tertiary institutions now generated through research, the greatest amount of knowledge for the advancement of the present world civilisation.
According to the President, “the inability of some nations and their institutions to play a significant and leading role in the global competition for technological and scientific research is the salient cause of under-development in such nations”.

He noted that presently, all the scientific research technological developments the world has witnessed today were research-generated, research-support and research-sustained. Based on that observation, the President said the federal government has supported research in all ramifications in universities.

“Through TETEFund, the Federal Government has made more than N3 billion available to scholarly and high impact researches. Voting this amount for research should go a long way to ameliorating the problem caused by lack of funds as a constraint to research in our higher institutions.

“We need practical research and innovative solutions to our peculiar national problems which range from social through economic to technological”; Buhari declared.

He lauded the UNIUYO for inventing a cassava peeling machine, noting that the machine will, among other things, attenuate drudgery and accentuated productivity among farmers.

Meanwhile, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Saturday advocated that Nigeria is better together and stronger than being separated, advising the people to reject and refuse any call for the country to be divided.

The Vice President spoke in Abakaliki during the wedding ceremony of his Chief Security Detail, Mr. Nelson Nwokoro. He landed in Abakaliki with a helicopter, 5N- PEJ around 10:35am for the wedding ceremony.
Osinbajo was received by the state governor, Engr David Umahi; the national Coordinator of Buhari/Osinbajo Initiative for Demonstrating Change, Comrade Chinedu Ogah, and others before proceeding to Pastoral centre, venue of the wedding.

It was a wedding also involving another couple, Stella Awoke and her husband, Peter Nwenyim, presided by Rev. Fr. Abraham Nwali.

The Vice President was accompanied by Minister of transport, Rotimi Amechi, who was the spiritual sponsor of Nwokoro’s wedding. He noted that there is nothing to gain by being separated, stressing the need for the country to be a united nation.
He said the greatest problem facing Nigeria was corruption and if the menace can be checked, there would be enough resources for all the citizenry.

The VP said, “This country is better together, stronger together than separated. There is nothing we can gain by being separated. All countries around us are all tiny. Rwanda which is celebrated in Africa, Lagos state is six times the economy of Rwanda. So, we are a great country and anybody who wants to separate us, we must reject and refuse him because this country can provide for every one of us.

“Our problem is corruption. If we check corruption, there is more than enough for all of us. And I want you to bear in mind that our country must be a united country and as we go along, where there are difficulties, we will sit down and resolve those difficulties as a family”.

The VP further commended the state governor for his tolerance and support to the Federal government and the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, noting that the harmonious coexistence of political parties in the state was exemplary.

Earlier, the governor urged the federal government to expedite actions in the construction of the second Niger Bridge and the rehabilitation of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu.

Umahi also informed the federal government that there was no federal road project in the state, pleading the intervention of the Buhari’s administration in some of the federal roads in the state.

The National Coordinator of Buhari/Osinbajo Initiatives for Demonstrating Change, Comrade Ogah thanked the VP for the visit, assuring him that his group would galvanize support for the reelection of the President.

The Vice president was accompanied by the state’s governor, Chief David Umahi and wife, Rachel; Minister of Transport, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi; former Governor Martin Elechi; Sen. Sam Egwu and wife, Ukamaka; Speaker, Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Francis Nwifuru, among others.

  • Jon West

    Chai!! Chai!! Chai! Who inflicted this Certificateless imbecile on this blighted country? Wole Soyinka, Ota Ape, Maradona, White Bearded Thief of Minna and the Chicago Jagaban of Bourdillon, see what you all wrought in 2015. How can a man be so stupid, especially a leader and octogenarian to boot?

    Part of University research curriculum should be the development of a road map for national unity and the foisting of systems of governance to ensure unity in an atmosphere of injustice and parochialism? An what is your job, Mr President? Working in Za Oda Room? Well, as you make your bed, so will you lie on it.

    Nigerians wanted Change , any Change at all , and got change, now they have to live with their choices. Perhaps in the future, there should be more circumspection and honesty ,in the choice of people that will lead this conundrum of a country. You do not sabotage your best interests in order to spite your competitors for political power. In 2015, the usual suspects of duplicity, conspired to inflict this moron and relic of Nigerias political antiquity on the rest of us, now they are all regretting at leisure.
    However, have they learnt any lessons? Genetics and DNA are very heavy burdens for any group to bear. Hope they do better in 2019. We cannot have this Dullard from Daura at the Villa in 2019. If it happens I will ask for Nigeria to stop, so that I can get off the train to oblivion and perdition. We all deserve better than this clown. To hell with the Nigeria of the Dullard from Daura!!!

    • Olusola Olusina Micheal

      why dont abuse people now ..be very civil in your attack.you blame PMB for issuing threats against those that want to divide the nation,yet you are also guilty of verbal threat of which you will become violent if you hav the power .chai nigerian always wanting others to do what they themselves cannot do .

  • Moon

    The North takes it all mentality is a thing at the pasted the civil disobedience must continue there is no going back weather Buhari likes it or not. He should get ready to kill all Biafra people for him to have his choice.

  • princegab

    Please, progressives, ease this thing and his bunch of ethereal advisers out of power in 20 months. Motherland is in danger, at a breaking point.

    • Olusola Olusina Micheal

      then put in who? okay to go back to the locust years ? my guy there is no redemption in sight from this our misguided voters and corrupt/inept rulers

      • princegab

        We had a choice in 2015, there will always be a choice untill we get it right. ATIKU will be a better choice if no one else pop up.

  • Mystic mallam

    It is truly frustrating that we are saddled with a President who appears to listen only to himself and a small clique of die-hard, self-centred beneficiaries of a failed unitary system of governance. Even after all the rising tide of country-wide demand for change of system and structure, Buhari’s answer to the crisis of Nationhood is ‘instructing his security agents to fish out and deal with’ agitators for true change. Certainly, it is impossible for this old soldier to learn that in a civil democracy especially of diverse plurality – the FORCE OF DIALOGUE, the FORCE OF NEGOTIATIONS – is by far more portent, persuasive, effective and successful in matters of nation-building than – the FORCE OF COERCION, the FORCE OF ARMS. That’s why the truly discerning lovers of this country have since concluded that Buhari is irredeemably not good, he’s even too dangerous, for Nigeria’s unity and longevity. One has to be living in planet Jupiter to be asking university students to ”conduct research and come up with empirical solutions for this nation’s problems, threatening our continued existence as a country”. What kind of research is President Buhari talking about? That could only go to confirm what many have said about him – that he would say anything his handlers tell him to say so long it wins him votes and keeps him in power. So, it is clear that he didn’t even believe in the constitutional change to federalism that he publicly promised during the 2015 campaigns. How about the countrywide clamour for restructuring? He must think it’s either a joke or whimsical, passing fad that we would all soon forget once he reinforces coercion and applies stronger force of arms. That is why he wants the agitations suppressed instead of heeding the peoples’ wishes. What a pity that our President has not learned anything from decades of strict military and quasi-military rule – you cannot forever suppress the genuine will of the majority no matter the level of coercive investment you make in that endeavour. What I’m saying Mr President, is that we do not need any students to do any research to tell us what we want for ourselves and our country because we already know – it’s called FEDERALISM, the opposite of the unitary government you are presiding over at present – and mind you Sir, that we have known this since the 1940s McPherson constitution and the follow-up series of thoroughly comprehensive negotiations by our nationalist leaders at Ibadan, Lagos and London in the 1950s leading up to independence. So Mr President, stop trivialising our demand for return to a true federation as negotiated, agreed and executed by our founding nationalists. Irrespective of what you may believe, we know for certain that you are not any wiser than the combination of ZIk, AWO and Ahmadu Bello who led those negotiations on our behalf. We chose and delegated them and we agreed with their conclusions. But you and your colleagues who dismantled the edifice they erected and supplanted it with unitary rule on compromised foundation, who appointed you guys deciders of what we want? Yes, Mr President, I can assure you that we are not stupid, we know that a lot has changed in our polity since you and your friends truncated our march to nationhood and development in 1966, so don’t worry, we are willing and able to make the necessary changes and adjustments required of a modern democratic, plural federation. Anyone that can’t buy into that objective has no business seeking to rule over us, again.

    • Olusola Olusina Micheal

      see PMB will negotiate with Nigerians at the appropriate time,but he needs to actually issue strong word against certain elements who know thmselves[ i dont think you are part of those] whose only thrive on bloodshed and conflict no matter how you placate them,cos they are violent merchants

      • Mystic mallam

        Okay, but then, he should have started with the armed herdsmen, No?

  • Filia Eze

    It’s the evil Buhari that should be fished out and no one else. Full stop

    • okenwa

      Evil jubril because buhari is long gone.

    • Olusola Olusina Micheal

      so what makes him evil..sure the man has stopped some of your illegal deals

  • Chuks

    Herdsmen n north boko boys first

  • Roseline

    Can’t Buhari be reconciliatory for once? Why can’t he have words of reconciliation and peace? How does he rule his household?

    • Daniel Obior

      How does he rule his household? Excellent question. We had a glimpse with his “kitchen and other room” quip on the comment by his wife, sometime ago. We need not stretch our imagination. His tyranny most probably extends everywhere.

  • Anyanwu Emmanuel

    Double standards !!!!! Stop Fulani herdsmen menence and bigotry of the cabals and massive looting of our common wealth in the name of unity.You cannot force unity !!!!

  • Lawrenece Ifo

    The zoo will continue to take wrong steps and expose the poor cognitive formation of the Hausa /Fulani leadership and their satellite loyalist.

    So Buhari think that he can use gun to force glaring incompatible groups with no historical or cultural affinity to be together,whereas,he was trying to lecture Spain on how to use dialogue to solve their issues with the indigenous people of Catalonia??kwakkwa.May be,they are rattled by the success of election boycott in Enugu state.I hope that Anambra will not dissapoint us!

    It seems as if the zoo do not even know the implications of official proclamation as a state practice?

    As the fact remains that the zoo and it’s wobbling mono-economy cannot sustain a long haul of agitation to self-determination and trying to make use of violence just like the illegitimate apartheid regime of South Africa will not suffice.

    Instead,it is high time Buhari and his seemingly obstinate bunch of self deluded medieval era philosophy kings should come down and acknowledge the bitter truth that coexistence among disparate groups can only be achieved through consensus not conquest or threat.

    An entity that is in dire need of social spending and finance to mitigate extreme it shameful infrastructural deficit like the zoo cannot even afford to sustainably,spend it’s meagre resources to j be forcing people to pretend to love those they abhor with passion in the name of sharing a country.


    Buhari should equally be arrested. You exclude people from the nation and when they decide to find their way, you threaten them. When the gods want to destroy a man…

    • Olusola Olusina Micheal

      so what manner of exclusion ooo if i may ask..of what benefit was it to you when the previous govt was populated by people from difft parts

  • Daniel Obior

    Why is this man Buhari so bellicose and always threatening everybody on virtually everything? This attitude cannot be explained just by him being an ex-military man. There must be something fundamentally wrong with his childhood and upbringing, to create the type of siege mentality he displays. How come he still does not see the correlation between a defective Nigerian structure and the agitations of dissatisfied groups of people? How come he still cannot see that it is only when this issue of restructuring is seriously addressed, that the temperature of agitations will reduce? How come he still does not see that agitations will continue and become worse, with his agenda of northern hegemony. Yes, agitations will continue and it will not matter the military and security forces he send to terrorise people engaged in their peaceful and rightful demands. Buhari should get down from his high horse and engage genuinely to find solutions to problems. Those are the kind of virtues true presidents possess. Not this bullying tactics of a coward too afraid to talk and negotiate for peace.

    • Anyanwu Emmanuel

      He is a deaf and dumb Spaniard !!!!! He does not listen and does not talk when it matters!!!!! One chance brother !!!!!

    • princegab

      Good observation of the folly we have for government. Thank you. They are not ready to negotiate unity but ready to fight to force unity. Its all about penny wise and pound foolish. God forbids pmb 2nd term or else naija disintegrates.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Nnamdi KANU and his likes who campaigned for PDP /Jonathan in 2015 general elections and turn around to cry merginalisatiom by the government they voted 95% against.
      He should have been made to deserpier since 2016.

      Igbos can not sell their votes to looters and disturb our peace with biafra miscreants.
      Scottish independence campaign is lead by SNP in parliament and not by miscreants.
      South East Nigeria would not have looked so neglected if their knew what they were doing, when they dominated the last Jonathans government.

      • Henry

        You either are mischievous or simply dumb to come this puerile conclusion that Namdi Kanu campaigned for Jonathan in 2015. IPOB hate speeches, radio Biafra and agitation for secession all happened in GEJ time. The difference is, your Messiah open display of his hatred for the IBOB as shown by his speeches and actions galvanized the activities of IPOB. Buhari the father of hate speeches now sees hate speeches as divisive and wants to keep his empire by force by tagging opposing and alternative views as subversive.The Nigeria state by silencing Kanu has only treated a symptom of a disease not the disease itself. That’s is why Buhari is fretful and issuing threats. As per looters, that you described the PDP as, at the end of this APC government we will know those who are saints and those who are demons.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          No one is a saint. I support Buhari to tail aslooters

          • Intrepid

            @ize NDOMI go and sanitise your crime – infested SICILIAN Edo state. The kingdom of darkness, Benin, has become a no go area.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            You are crying, we aren’t.

          • manny

            And your people acupired every nooks and crony of Edo state. Biafraud is dead for ever and your Messiah Kanu is no where to be found, he said he was going to Abuja to bring Buhare head to ibo land but when Buhare came to meet him at home instead of Kanu going to Abuja he went into hiding. Yeye they smell

      • Chinedu Collins

        When next you mention a tribe for your selfishness, you will surely regret your life. Watch your speech.

        • Izedomi Ohirein


      • Daniel Obior

        Here you go again writing nonsense after which you will complain that you are being insulted. You invariably insult yourself by saying things that make no sense. Now, look at the several replies you provoked by this crap you wrote. When some people choose to insult themselves, they blame others for their folly. I have tried to be as accommodating as possible this time. Please do not again push your luck.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          I expect nothing sensible from a biafra miscreant like you.
          You deserve to be crushed like boko haram.
          You are nuisance at home and abroad.

          • Daniel Obior

            I have not told you where I am from. Your assumption that I am Biafran truly reflects your stupidity. I would not dent nor confirm it. What has ethnicity got to do with this? You are incoherent in your contribution and make a complete ass of yourself. Please go back to school, you uneducated fool. Ignoramus and dedecus.

      • walejohnson

        You have my support. These guys that are talking are those ibos who benefit from drugs peddling, they are all in jails all over the world; the make fake money, arm robberies, kidnappings like Evans. The like to make money QUICK! Dr Zik abandoned them and went to America to rest during Biafra time. Shame on them. The good Ibos are hardworking, doing their business in Lagos and everywhere. They are peace loving.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Don’t mind the fools. Caword Ojukwu abandoned and fled to the Ivory Coast.
          Ex-president Jonathan recently described igbo leaders as the most corrupt in Nigeria in a speach in USA.
          They pass exams and lack common sense like chimpanzees.
          I am yet to persuaded if we need an igbo president, to run down our country?.

          • Jon West

            According to a UK Sunday Times exclusive report, 90% of the prostituttes in Palermo, Sicily, Italy are from Benin City. A picture headline showe an Edo girl almost naked waiting by the side of a rural road , waiting for customers.
            And the Igbos are your problem, not those whose actions and inactions, sentenced these unfortunate girls to a life of hopelessness. The Benin Empire was an African showcase and the Benin bronze technology, Ciere Perdue ( French for lost wax casting) was an still remains a marvel of sculpting technology. However, today that formerly great place is now a centre of human trafficking and female humiliation on a gran scale.

            All this thanks to the misrule of the people that the Benin people choose to admire. What happened to the great Benin people? What makes them become political and sex pimps? The answer is blowing in the wind, but I think, it was their decision to shoot themselves in the foot ,in order to spite the Igbo. What a great pity!!

          • Lawrenece Ifo

            Very good.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Please copy and paste the source of your story unless it is fabricated lies.
            It official that 99% of Nigerians on death rows and jail all over the world are igbos.
            Nearly all Narcotics, fake drugs and expired food smugglers, in Nigeria are igbos.
            So are armed robbers and kidnappers. No group use prostitutes than igbos men.
            You should be ashamed of being an igbo, hide yourhead in shame..

          • Jon West

            Google The Times of London and Human Trafficking. You will see it yourself. Its dated late July 2017, so its quite recent. However, you seem to have missed the crux of my posting; the collapse of Benin culture and pride.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Prostitution is not a crime. It a vice.
            You who use prostitutes is as guilty as the prostitutes.
            There will be no prostitutes if you don’t use them.
            Jim Nnwobod was reported by BBC 11, “TV to have used prostitutes in London.
            Please keep quiet when descent people are talking.

  • Agba

    This is rubbish talk from Buhari,as a sectional president,expect more region like BIAFRA,and tell BURATALAI to be ready to kill thousands of people,Awon oloriburuku olosi gbogbo