Of Aso Rock and Discordant Tunes


If the report at the disposal of Spy Glass is anything to go by, it may be said that the alleged disaffection between the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari and Mamman Daura  may have taken a dangerous twist.

What used to be discussed in hush tune is now gradually becoming a matter of grave concern in the Presidency.

It will be recalled that reports about the smouldering war between the two broke out while the President was out of the country on medical treatment.

According to a reliable source, many had thought that the President, upon his return, would intervene and resolve whatever that might have fuelled the alleged animosity.  But the President, it was learnt, was indifferent, thereby giving close family members a cause for concern.

Consequently, the children of the Adamawa State-born First Lady are said to have come in to save their mother any further embarrassment in the hands of Daura,  a nephew of the President.

They are said to be angry at the smear campaign being sponsored by Daura who, many claim, has become so powerful in the corridors of power.

The source added,  “Aisha’s children, especially Yusuff, have also taken side with their mother.  He, in particular, is not on talking terms with the man, as he has taken the whole matter personally.  He says that after his mother did all within her power to support their father during the contest for the exalted office, some people, who were not part of the campaign train, want to rubbish her with a smear campaign for their own selfish interest.”