48th Afotamodi Festival


The Isara Community Development Association, Ogun State will be hosting of the 48th Annual Afotamodi Festival holding from September 30 to October 8.  Afotamodi Festival is the annual celebration that brings together all Isara sons and daughters both home and abroad to felicitate with one another and collectively contribute to the development of the town. Over the years, the festival has brought lots of development to the town and positively improved on the socio-economy status of the town.

Afotamodi Festival has always and will continue to unify all indigenes of Isara. The Isara Community Development Association has planned a week long full of varieties of events like football competition and many other sporting activities, indoor games, cultural activities and entertainment, educational programmes and symposium.  The 2017 Miss Afotamodi Beauty Pageant will hold on October 6, with a car prize for the winner.