Vetiva S & P Nigerian Sovereign Bond ETF Pays N2.50 Interim Dividend

Unit holders in the Vetiva S & P Nigerian Sovereign Bond Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) are to receive an interim distribution of N2.50 per unit. Those who received the interim payment are investors whose names appeared on the register of the fund as at September 13, while the payment was made last Friday.

When the fund was floated and listed, the Managing Director of Vetiva Fund Managers Limited, Mr. Damilola Ajayi had said that it provides access to a basket of federal government long-dated securities and creates a mechanism for retail investors to trade these securities freely.

“The Vetiva S&P ETF was developed to track the S&P Nigeria Sovereign Bond Index. The Index was launched in December 2013 and tracks the performance of local currency denominated sovereign long-dated debt publicly issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria,” he said.
Also, The Vetiva Griffin 30 ETF recently paid an interim distribution of 17.5 kobo dividend per unit for the half-year period ended June, 30, 2017.

Speaking on the interim distribution, the Director of Asset Management of Vetiva Fund Managers Limited, Mrs. Oyelade Eigbe said: “The interim distribution is in line with the structure of the fund to remit distributions to unit holders twice a year. Also, the VG 30 ETF continues to represent a convenient investment vehicle for exposure to the Nigerian equities market via a single security. Equity exchange traded funds have reported impressive performance so far this year based on the recently bullish equities market. This further validates the attractiveness of ETFs as market proxies.”

The VG 30 ETFs designed to track the performance of the constituent companies of the NSE 30 Index and to replicate the price and yield performance of the index. The index tracks the top 30 companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in terms of market capitalisation and liquidity.

Vetiva also manages a series of other Exchange Traded Funds, namely the Vetiva Banking ETF, Vetiva Consumer Goods ETF and Vetiva Industrial Goods ETF. These ETFs track the performance of the NSE Banking Index, NSE Consumer Goods Index and NSE Industrial Goods Index respectively.

The existence of ETFs in the Nigerian market is beneficial to retail and institutional investors because the funds offer a direct and inexpensive way to attain diversified exposure to an index, commodity, sector, or region.