FEHN Charges Nigerians to Pursuit National Unity, Justice

  • Trains IPOB, Arewa, Oodua members on non-violence campaign

Ugo Aliogo, Omotayo Ajayi and Obianujunwa Ifediora

The Chairman Foundation for Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria (FEHN), Mr. Ellen Onyema, has stated that national unity, justice and equity are key goals that Nigerians should pursue in order for the country to make progress in her journey of true federalism.

Speaking at the end of a five-day training on non-violence programme, organised by FEHN for members of AREWA, IPOB and other agitators, Onyema said there was need for the people irrespective of their divide to unite and pursue peace.
He also stated that conflict in itself is not too bad; adding that it can be a catalyst for positive change and stated that if conflict is addressed the right way, it is capable of sparking up positive change.

Onyema further stated that the focus of the training was aimed at engendering ways of better ways of doing things, while promoting pan-Africanism which is expected to bring positive change to the country.

He however called on eminent Nigerians to play an active role in creating wealth in the economy through job creation, and empowerment of the youths, adding that this would help address various forms of agitations.
“One of the challenges facing the country is that the rich are investing their monies in other economies and providing jobs for citizens of such economies.”

The FEHN Chairman appealed to federal government to engage various groups involved in agitations across the country through Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), stressing that arresting agitators would increase tension in the polity.
He maintained that if the country needs to progress, the pursuit of peace and justice shouldn’t be left to the hands of government alone, stressing that all Nigerians have a role to play in contributing their quota.

In another development, the Chairman of Air Peace Nigeria called for citizen inclusion in the ongoing restructuring agenda, while urging parties pushing for restructuring to ensure that whatever decisions taken should bring about societal good.

According to him, “It is my belief that without peace there will not be any problem. We need peace and justice in this country and we cannot just leave it to government to handle alone. You don’t need to be a President or Governor to contribute your quota to bring peace in the community. I’m doing this for the love of my country and ensure that she achieves its potentials. We can only do this if there is peace and justice. We are ready to create a new Nigeria.

“We are tired of the divisions amongst us as a nation. Any injustice we are facing as a nation has to be addressed. It cannot be allowed to linger on for a long time. I engaged Nnamdi Kalu and we discussed very well. On my part, I’m helping the federal government to engage these agitators to reduce the tensions already created. This is costing a lot of money, but it is done for the pursuit of peace and justice. I’m not interested in politics; I’m doing this for humanity. Injustice should not be allowed to linger for a long time, but should be addressed, and the way it is tackled is very important.”

Onyema added that through the training, the facilitators have instilled the values of peace and unity in the participants which would have a positive effect on the country, adding that the training also featured an examination which qualified the participants to attend the next phase of the training in Emory University, U.S., after receiving their certificates.