Kid Star, Iseoluwa Unveils Maiden Album


Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Long after then child star, Benita Okojie went off the music scene leaving a space, another child singer, Iseoluwa Abidemi has emerged and is set to fill the void. Like Benita then, Iseoluwa is 12 and also in the gospel genre.

The child singer who has just released her first official single album and video to the delight of her listening audience says the self-titled song is the first of many to be released. The single track album titled ‘Iseoluwa’ is a work made possible by her supportive parents and her project manager and producer, Frank Harrison-Uke.

Speaking at the unveiling of the single, the young star whose music talent was discovered at age five by her mum, said the reason why she has decided to do gospel is because she appreciates the wonderful works of God. And so would not be doing any other form of music.

The child artiste who favours Asa and Nathaniel Bassey as her role models aspires “to go far in music and I want to excel at my studies,” she said. “I want to use my song to influence my world positively. I also want to study Law though music is my passion.”

Her project manager and producer, Harrison-Uke at the press conference said, ‘Iseoluwa’s work has been encouraging.” He observed that after the likes of Tosin Jegede and Benita Okojie, there has been no kid stars and this has made the children to adopt adult’s music. Adding that ‘Iseoluwa’ is young and needs to be promoted.

To him, it is one thing for an artiste to bring out a work, but it is another thing for the work to be sustained. “We have been able to put things together and we have drawn a plan. She needs to be on the faces of the people therefore we want to ensure she is very busy with music we would work on different programs at different times.”

Also speaking, ‘Iseoluwa’s mother Mrs. Gloria Abidemi said that she discovered her child’s talent a very long time ago. “When she’s carried away, she starts scribbling and singing out what she is writing. Although music is her passion, it still has to be education first.”

According to the mum, once, she heard the “Ise Oluwa” tune on Channels Television as a little child, she would sing along. “We thought it was one of the things children do and would soon stop with age, but she continued.”