‘Revisit Again’? Never!


SATURDAY Media Gaffes

OVERHEARD: “I have to sew my coat according to my size….” What if the cloth is insufficient? Therefore, you ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’. Grammar could occasionally be illogical like ‘the WAGES of sin IS death’, but logic remains an integral/cardinal aspect of the English language.
Corrigendum from last week’s edition: “This is because of the numerous restraints, both social and economical (economic), which is (are) associated with the day to day (day-to-day) life of a convict.” (Thanks to Baba Ilesha for this contribution. More interventions are welcome from everyone). I did not point out ‘economic’—not ‘economical’—as excerpted.
“Such citizens had since been integrated back (re-integrated) into the system.”
“A recent summit in Kaduna on education in the Northern states provided the appropriate forum to revisit, once again….” (THE PUNCH, June 2) ‘Revisit’ cannot co-function with ‘again’.
“Gone are the days when government can (could) go it alone.” (THE GUARDIAN, June 2)
From DAILY SUN of July 19 comes the next set of blunders: “Enugu police arrest man over (for) brother’s death”
“This is necessary for a genuine rebuilding effort to commence, as the next general elections are fast approaching.” (EDITORIAL) Voice of The Nation: the next general election is fast approaching.
“Indeed, majority (a majority) of the stalwarts of the APC are PDP turncoats.” (Source: as above)
“37 killed in fresh farmers, herders (herders’) clash in Kaduna village”
“Osinbajo commissions (inaugurates/auspicates et al) multi-billion projects in Zamfara” AREWA NEWS: multi-billion naira projects. Multi-billion projects belong to the dreamland of a utopian country!
Finally from the Back Page of DAILY Sun under focus: “That is why they either give us the chicken change….” Get it right: chicken feed, not ‘chicken change’.
“FG seeks N921.4bn to complete 925 roads projects” All the Facts, All the Sides: 925 road projects.
“Even Dubai ran into trouble (troubled) waters in 2008-2009 when huge debt (a huge debt) forcibly….”
“The enforcement of that sentence against a teenage mother who had just delivered is certainly regretable.” On the move: regrettable. And this: pregnant women do not deliver babies—doctors or paramedics/traditionalists deliver their babies.
“…the average journalist usually burns this professional flag, forgets his own humble past once he or she crosses over to the corridor of power.” Saturday People: corridors of power and this: their humble past once they….
“The government wants to dump all the dead stadia or sell them off to those who can breathe the breath of life on (into) them.”
“However, it could be useful to indicate that our research shows that the fortunes of NEXIM moved comfortably between (from) 1990 to 1992 and….” Alternatively: between 1990 and 1992
“These terminations were made after NEXIM had undertaken screening exercise (must you add ‘exercise’?) both at home and abroad and conducted series (a series) of travels, trainings (training).…”
“Trainings were held yesterday at the sports academy.” Viewpoint: ‘training’ is uncountable.
“Commissioner wants more vigilante groups” Rutam, hello: vigilance groups.
“The article was an insult on the Federal Government, the National Assembly and an affront on the ICPC and its competent and hardworking staff.” Justice in service of community: an affront to (not on) the ICPC. And, of course, an insult to (not on) the FG
“For quite sometime (some time) now, the poor and deteriorating condition of public infrastructure….”
“A few weeks ago, there was some news report (a news report) about the involvement of….”
“…all the major roads in the Eastern part of the country have become pure death traps and for challenging his (President’s) non-challant attitude and doing anything positive in Igbo land.” Get it right: nonchalant.
“Trump, North Korea Minister hold talks” Foreign Affairs: North Korean Minister.
“…there have been series of polemical attacks of (on) the commission and its activities by an obscure and often fictitious section of the public.” This way: a (take note) series of polemical attacks.
“The president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces also addressed the nation same evening.” Get it right: the same evening.
“INEC apologizes over aborted PDP convention” To live in truth is to serve: apologize for something or to somebody.
“The most impassible (impassable) roads accentuate the usual hectic traffic of motorists, making business transactions in Lagos a herculean task.”
“…robbers who held residents and commuters to ransome for hours….” Spell-check: ransom.
“I doff my hat for…” The right mix: I take off (or doff) my hat to (not for).
“Out of a lawyers’ population estimated at about 20,000, only five females have been opportuned (opportune or have had the opportunity) to adorn the silk.”
“This is another scintillating edition for the matured (mature) mind.”
“Benue assures on abandoned project” Just tell readers who the state assured.
“A recent report on food related (a hyphen) ailments show (shows) that in many parts of the world….”
“Unfortunately, however, I, and many other Nigerians have been infuriated by our servants….” In pursuit of linguistic orderliness: many other Nigerians and I. The concept of the cart and the horse applies to language usage, too.
“But all our future blessing would be achieved through waiting in the Lord.” If you are after God’s heart, you wait on, not in, the Lord.
“Before embarking on the strike action….” You can as well embark on the ‘strike inaction’!
“It was as though both informants were mischievous people who had an affinity in (for) discrediting the preacher.”
“The vigilante group visited instant judgment on the thief and sent him to the great beyond.” In the name of excellence: vigilance group.
“Sixteen people were killed and two others seriously injured in a ghastly (fatal) accident which occurred along (on) the Bauch-Auchi road on Saturday.” If there were casualties, it follows that it was a fatal, not a ghastly, accident—which is even impliedly otiose. The mishap did not drag along the road, but occurred at a spot on the road.
“Some of the despotic regimes thrown up in (on) the continent did worse things than was experienced under colonialism.”