IAAF Appoints Ogba as Chief Scrutineer


The IAAF has appointed Chief Solomon Ogba as Chief Scrutineer for the 51st IAAF Congress holding in London, England, venue of the IAAF World Championships.

A letter signed by Manager of Institutional Forums, in the Governance, Member & International Relations Department of the IAAF, Anne-Marie Garrigan, states that “It is a pleasure to inform you that during its meeting on 31st July 2017, the IAAF Council has nominated you as a Scrutineer during the upcoming 51st IAAF Congress on 3rd August 2017.”

While Ogba and Rosamunde Carey are appointed Chief Scrutineers, the others, who are Scrutineers, are Sarifa Fagilde from Mozambique, Kwan Kee from Hong Kong, Yoonis Yaqoob Issa Al Siyabi Timor Leste, Nijole Medvedeva from Lithuania, Jack Cohen from Israel,

Gordon Orlikow from Canada, Linda Hammersley from New Zealand, Brian Roe from Australia, Mirian Cristina Ermacora from Argentina, and Manuel Bravo from Ecuador.

Garrigan advised that there will be a day before the congress so that they will be fully aware of their roles and responsibilities during the Congress.