China Commences Free ICT Training for 40 Nigerians


Alex Enumah in Abuja

The Peoples Republic of China has commenced free training on information and communications technologies (ICT) for 40 Nigerians as part of efforts to strengthen relations between China and Nigeria.

The move was hinged on the conviction that for Nigeria to effectively tackle the issue of development, her citizens must have adequate knowledge and ability to deploy ICT in all sectors of the Nigerian nation.

As part of the training, China is also pledging to help Nigeria realise her Economic Recovery Growth Plan (ERGP) target on ICT, a move believed would help fast track the overall development of the Nigerian economy.
The Consular of the Chinese Embassy in Abuja, Zhao Linxiang, gave China’s commitment at the opening ceremony of the 2017 overseas training course on telecommunication technologies for Nigeria.

He said China, long ago, realised that a vibrant telecommunications and ICT sector is required to drive and expand national production frontiers across all sector of the economy hence, his country is ready to assist Nigeria in this regard.

“We are willing to help Nigeria in the field of telecommunication and ICT industry and share the experience we have with Nigerians. Also in the ERGP goals for telecommunication and ICT, Nigeria aims to increase the number of individuals using the internet from 47.4 to 75 percent by 2020 and provide adequate infrastructure (power, buildings) and fast track broadband internet implementation. Chinese government and companies are willing to cooperate with Nigeria to achieve these goals,” Linxiang said.

The Abuja Managing Director, Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited, Liteng Tank, a co-organiser of the training programme, emphasised the place of talent in the acquisition and deployment of ICT skills.
He said Huawei is set to use the training programme to impact necessary skills on Nigerians who in turn can now contribute to Nigeria’s digital change.

Similarly, Chairman, House of Representatives’ Committee on Nigeria – China Relations, Yusuf Yakubu, while appreciating the government and people of China for the gesture, tasked participants to open up their minds to the training and acquire necessary skills that would help in moving the country forward.
He said the training was a fall-out of the smooth relations between China and Nigeria and assured that the National Assembly would continue to make legislation that would enable legitimate Chinese companies operate without hitches in the country.