Ajudua’s Home For Sale? 


When Fred Ajudua, an alleged serial fraudster, built his Victoria Garden City (VGC) home some years ago, not a few purposely took trips to the house styled after an Arabian palace. Everything about the architectural masterpiece then oozed taste and wealth.

But today, investigations revealed that the story has changed tremendously, as the house is now a shadow of itself.  No more the glowing coats of paint. In fact, it has lost its beauty, as weed has now covered almost the entire exterior.

  A source hinted that the palatial building might have been put up for sale.  The reason, according to the source, is that the house was fast giving the residents in the neighbourhood sleepless nights.  It is said to have become a haven of sorts for different species of snakes.

Ajudua is allegedly involved in one of the celebrated cases of Advanced Fee Fraud, otherwise known as 419 in the Nigerian parlance.  He has been facing trial alongside one Alex Okorie for defrauding two Dutch businessmen of $1.69 million since 2003.

He is being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly deceiving the victims by claiming that the money was for sundry payments to various government officials.

Until his descent into infamy, the Delta State-born businessman was a top socialite and one of the biggest boys in town. He was also popular among some top musicians who constantly sang his praises and were handsomely rewarded.