Ikem Ume-Ezeoke: From Humble Beginnings to Heights of Achievement


Anyawu Michael

Even the Bible stated it very clearly in the book of Romans 13:7, “Give Honour to whom honour is due.” But we now live in a generation that is losing the meaning of love, respect and honour. Yet one man who has flourished and deserves accolade is Dr. Ikem Ume-Ezeoke.
Ume-Ezeoke, nephew of the late Second Republic House of Representatives Speaker, Chief Edwin Ume-Ezeoke, is one of the leading names in the real estate industry. He is the MD/CEO of Homes and Homes Real Estate Solution Limited in Nigeria.

Ume-Ezeoke’s rise especially in the housing sector didn’t come as a surprise. He is calculative. Before embarking on any project, he calculates and rethinks on how best he can do a perfect job and his modus operandi has always makes his job exceptional.

An ardent believer in the Nigerian project, Ume-Ezeoke comes from a very humble Christian family. He has occupied himself with critical thinking on how to proffer solutions to the housing gaps in the country, which is a problem witnessed across the country.

Hard work recently won him various awards, both local and international. They include the African Achievers Awards, The integrity Intl Award, and The Leadership Awards for Excellence. He was also recently nominated for the prestigious Black Caucus Award for Leadership by the US Congress in the city of Georgia.

But Ume-Ezeoke does not allow his achievements get into in his head. His friends see him as the most humble of men. Speaking after one of the award ceremonies, Ume-Ezeoke said achievement is only a man-made accolade billed to encourage one to strife for the best. “Such achievements keep one on his toes because it feels good to realise your little efforts by the side is been recognised in as much as one isn’t on the limelight,” he said.

Ume-Ezeoke is well experienced in international real estate and has traded actively in foreign markets including United Kingdom, South Africa, Dubai, and Ghana. He is presently working as a consultant to deliver the proposed “Farmington Height” project in Liberia. His company, Homes & Homes, has working relationships with international real estate development companies like Kings Lands, Fairfield and Damac.

Ume-Ezeoke is a director in various companies. He was a founding secretary of Youth Renaissance, Youth Democratic Movement, and the current President of Lekki Professionals and Real Estate Club. He is a strong social commentator. Even though his late dad, Prince TI Ume-Ezeoke, the founder of the Peoples Club of Nigeria, was well to do, Ikem did not grow up as a spoilt child.

Ume-Ezeoke started his education in the city but was later withdrawn to be enrolled in another secondary school in a village because of his father’s conviction that his performance was dropping. He wasn’t comfortable with his father’s decision, but today, he boasts experiences from that decision. His dad’s decision helped him develop personal autonomy by leaving the family early to establish an independent home. He developed his own sense of personhood as separate from that of his parents.

Ume-Ezeoke’s educational dream didn’t go as planned or aspired but at every point he was left with no choice than to accept his fate. His dream was to study law but he ended up getting a degree in estate management from Enugu State University (ESUT).
He is currently reaping from the seed he sowed, and looking to expand his horizon in business and politics.
–– Michael writes from Lagos