Time humbles all and sundry. Hardly anyone notices Ebebi Peremobowei now. His former loyalists and political associates wouldn’t deign him a passing glance, not even as a cheap consolation to the former Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State.

Ebebi was kicked out of office by his principal, the then governor of Bayelsa, Timipre Sylva. Ebebi’s ouster was a result of his protracted battle with Sylva. Ebebi was impeached on charges of gross misconduct by the state’s House of Assembly.

Before his impeachment, Ebebi was that rancorous politician who was dreaded by both his opponents and political associates. He was undeniably intoxicated and obscenely drunk on his power and perks of being deputy governor.

Before he was booted out of office, Ebebi had a swell time. He dominated and rode roughshod over everyone and everything including the House of Assembly from where he incidentally emerged to become the state’s deputy governor. No sooner he became the deputy governor, he forgot his roots and chose to live a life of grandeur. He was ruthless and spared no one his overbearing attitude including his boss, the state governor.

By the time Ebebi took on the governor, he felt he was at his intimidating best even though he was unknowingly paving the path to his own exit from political relevance and the corridors of power. And he paid the price for his recklessness sooner than anyone could ever imagine. When Ebebi was eventually booted out of office, he was replaced by Werinipre Seibarogu, hitherto the Speaker of the House of Assembly. Now, Ebebi understands that nothing in life is permanent; he has realised that power is transient and arrogance often precedes destruction.