For How Long Shall the PDP Wait?


It is a welcome development that nearly all members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), regardless of their respective camps, had resolved to accept whatever the Supreme Court decides as far as their leadership tussle is concerned. That is the way to go. The seeming conspiracy to keep the PDP in the limbo for as long as the orchestrators desired is arguably undemocratic.

The PDP is the main opposition party, even though there is a legion of them stashed out there as approved by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The PDP just left office after 16 years in power and is expected to manage a reversal of roles, which comes with its natural challenges. But the seemingly artificial tweaking of the ordeals of the party is not in collective interest as multiparty democracy is being put under threat.

This is why the Supreme Court must live up to billings by adjudicating expeditiously on the case that had long been put before it. It cannot continue to delay the case without justification except the Supreme Court desires to be lumped up as part of the conspiracy to emasculate the PDP and further weaken the political space for the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), preparatory to 2019.

Certainly, it is one wait that is too long and should be addressed forthwith. The breaking of the dawn of politics that would usher in another round of elections is just months away and the major opposition party may be seen as being “deliberately” put in simulated dilemma, when indeed, the leadership has only approached the court for solution. The PDP and the rest of the country had waited long enough for this matter to be over and done with. Let the real competition (a healthy one) commence and let the better side stay atop of the game, please!