Secret of Shina  Peller’s Success


His name is synonymous with night club business in Nigeria.  Having been plying his trade for some years, the CEO of Aquila Group of Companies has continuously redefined the face of the business to the admiration of all.

His entry into the business was hailed by many who know his antecedent as an accomplished entrepreneur.  From the outset, his vision was clear and his strategies were also realistic.

Since Aquilox Nite Club kicked off, he has proven that he has the  Midas touch to change  the clubbing business in Nigeria. Aquilox, it was gathered, is now a meeting point for top businessmen, politicians and die-hard fun lovers, among others, from across social divides.

Apart from the clubbing business, he also has his hands in other businesses such as Oil and Gas, Properties among others.

Though many are asking questions about the secret behind his rising profile, his close friends say he is unapologetically committed to his faith. A pious Muslim,he usually shuts down his famed fun centre, Quilox, during Ramadan. Also, he religiously performs the lesser Hajj, Umrah, where he prays to Allah for more success in his business. The source further added that he sponsors lots of people on holy pilgrimage to Mecca yearly.