Olukokun Adepeju’s Heart of Gold


Olukokun Adepeju is known to be a man with a heart of gold. He has demonstrated his humanness to the admiration of all on many occasions.

Indeed, out of curiosity, many have wondered what his philosophy of life is. But he is always quick to say that, “All wealth belongs to God.” Goaded by these inspiring words, it is rare to see him flaunt his wealth in the midst of lack around him. In fact, he detests gaudy lifestyle, preferring instead to offer a comfortable shoulder for the suffering ones around him to lean on. Unlike some others, he also connects to the needy via the social media.

As proof of his determination to further help the needy, he launched The Kokun Foundation a few years back.  During the launch, Adepeju said, “I had no reason for setting up the Foundation. But it was borne out of my sheer passion for rendering assistance to the needy; so, Kokun Foundation sauntered into the picture.’’

Ever since the birth of the foundation, Adepeju has extended his hands of care to many, and has received accolades from top officials in the country.