NIPOST Strategises for Efficiency, Revenue Generation


Emma Okonji

Citing technology as an enabling tool that could turnaround the fortunes of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), its managers have resolved that it would leverage technology to reposition the postal sector, and make it a ‘money spinner’ for the federal government.
The managers, who were drawn from all NIPOST operations nationwide, took the decision at a six day strategic management retreat, which took place at the Training and Conference Centre in Ogere, Oyo State.

The meeting re-evaluated the operations of the postal agency and admitted that NIPOST had lost the confidence of the federal government and its customers because it failed to live up to its expectations in the past.

But with a renewed slogan: ‘Posting The Post Into Prosperity’ the managers came up with four pillars that have 18 programmes that would help to diversify the operations of NIPOST, with a focus on staff training, backed with modern technology for tracking mails and parcels. The four pillars will focus on structural reforms, service quality, innovation and diversification.

The Postmaster General and Chief Executive of NIPOST, Bisi Adegbuyi, said the new slogan would spur staff and management to achieve the best of reform, through the use of technology. According to him, modern technologies have brought about some forms of disruption and NIPOST must begin to think out of the box to adopt such technologies in order to reposing the once vibrant organisation.

“Having identified our strengths and weaknesses, we need to innovate, diversify and come up with new services that will delight our customers and restore their lost confidence,” Adegbuyi said.

In his closing remarks at the strategic management retreat, the Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shuttu said: “Over the years, there has been a mismatch between planned targets and budgetary outcomes as well as service delivery at NIPOST. This has impeded growth and development in this very vital organ of national communication. It is in this context that the retreat was designed to discuss issues around the resolve to reposition the organisation.”

The Minister added: “NIPOST is a cash cow that had been neglected by successive governments in Nigeria and allowed to decay due to the overbearing attention on Nigeria’s oil. In this era of change, we must work differently. It is no longer business as usual.
He said repositioning NIPOST would bring about a number of dimensions that must be addressed in a systematic and planned manner if Nigeria is to achieve the desired goal.”

Shittu said that “in the face of fast-shifting customer expectations and technological disruption, we must be on top of our game; we must innovate and innovate rapidly.” To remain relevant and deliver sustainable superior performance, we need human and institutional capacity development, Shittu said, adding today’s workforce needs 21st century skills to stay competitive and relevant in the global and dynamic industry.