Ezeemo: Cattle Ranch Only Solution to Herdsmen Attack


By David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

An aspirant in the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra State, Mr Godwin Ezeemo has said that the only solution to Fulani herdsmen attack is to site cattle ranches for herders to rear their cattle.

Ezeemo, who visited some agrarian communities in Anambra, particularly in Anambra West Local Government Council, where farmers spoke on the challenges they face in their job stated that in Anambra he would stop such attacks by building ranches across the state.

He decried the environmental and economic problems herdsmen activities pose on Anambra people and said that he will insist on building a ranch for herdsmen and a socially acceptable means of transporting cattle into the state.

“These ranches must be regulated and taxes paid for every cattle. The herdsmen will have proper living quarters built for them and insistence on hygienic living for them,” he said.

The aspirant said that he would insist on policies that would make the environment more hygienic no matter whose ox is gored and ensuring that every person is equal under the law of the land.

He reiterated that he is driven by passion to develop the state and he is ready to make every sacrifice to make his state a greener pasture for people of other states.