NPA, NIMASA Partner to Enhance Performance


Eromosele Abiodun

The Port Manager, Rivers Port Complex, Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) Mr. A. G. Umar has stressed the need for cordial relationship between the NPA and other government agencies for optimal performance.

He stated this when he paid a courtesy visit to the Port Service Comptroller of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Mr. Umar Dachia.

He observed that since he took over, he has never received any complaint of delay on ship clearance from shipping agents, this according to him, shows that NIMASA recognises the issue of trade relationship and its statutory responsibility.

The port manager pointed out some of the challenges faced by the Port such as the issue of piracy attack, which, according to him, is the immediate responsibility of NIMASA in term of ensuring safety and security on the water ways.
Umar highlighted the importance of security patrol on the water way, saying it gives ship owners the confidence of doing business in the Port without having the fear of being attacked.

“The attack on ship is a serious issue that affects the patronage of the Port” he added.
He also raised the issue of change of status of shipping company by NIMASA and advised that changes should be related to him because as the head of the Port it is necessary to be on the know, citing an instance where a vessel that has been cleared was later detained without information.

“As sister agencies representing our organisation’s value, we will not play with safety and any other thing that has to do with risk. We are always around for cordial relationship,” he stated.

In his response, Dachia appreciated the visit by the Umar and his team and sees it as a sign of respect for the agency.
He explained that the agency has been trying in terms of security and some years back, a platform was established with Global Vessel and a Memorandum of Understanding was entered with the Navy and both responded whenever called upon. He noted, however, that the contract with Global Vessel has been terminated.

“The agency has safety units that are always in contact with those at the vessel. It is clear we are all striving towards the same goal and the guidance and assistance of the Port is highly needed,” he said.

Furthermore, he promised to put his men on the right track of ensuring that whenever there is change in documentation as it covers ship clearance and operations, the port manager should be given a first-hand information.

While promising that in their next management meeting, he would bring up all the challenges and issues brought up by the port manager, he appreciated his effort towards ensuring that the cordial relationship enjoyed by both organizations is not damaged.