Sigma Pensions Tasks Nigerians on Building Secure Financial Future


Ebere Nwoji and Nume Ekeghe

The Managing Director Sigma Pensions, Mr. Dave Uduanu has urged Nigerian workers to build a secure financial future for themselves by entrusting their pension funds management to oganisations that stand for safety, consistent return on investment and good sense of safe investment portfolio.

Uduanu, who gave the advice at the company’s human resources conference in Lagos yesterday, said Sigma Pension, has in all ramifications proven to be one of such organisations. He further urged contributors to embrace the services of the company.

He urged self-employed Nigerians to make as a personal policy, the setting up of a sound pension in order to build strong financial plan for retirement. In addition, he urged contributors to advance to the level of additional voluntary savings into their retirement savings account (RSA), adding that contributors can determine to earn benefits higher than their working days salaries through the additional voluntary savings.

He said: “Sigma pensions, which currently has over 600,000 contributors and over 300 billion and listed in the London Stock Exchange ‘companies to inspire Africa’ report is determined to help Nigerian workers build better financial future.”

He added: “Sigma pensions, which is the fifth largest pension fund administration in Nigeria with foreign partnership has no rivalry when it comes to securing the future of workers who entrust their pension to us. In its choice of investments of contributors’ funds, Sigma does not take unnecessary risk or joke with its objectives of growing contributors’ money.”

He added: “One of the things that stand Sigma out is that we are involved in all the commercial sectors in Nigeria and we are strong in the north and we are building the strength in port Harcourt and Lagos and if we succeed in some of the things we are doing, we are going to have a company that is strong in commercial areas. So we believe that our engagement with the HR managers with the pension desk officers is the best way to understand and serve our customers better.”

Furthermore, speaking on what prompted this engagement series
“This event is the beginning of our engagement with the private sector in Lagos. One of our core strategies is to grow our private sector client base from what it is now to a significantly high number. We believe that the best thing to do is to go into the HR managers in our country to tell them about the re-invigorate brand Sigma Pensions, engage them and understand their concerns and also find ways to serve them better.”
We have done such engagements in Port Harcourt Abuja and now we doing one in Lagos and is something we plan to do every quarter around the country.