In Abia, It’s a Closure to Politics

Political notes
The Supreme Court ruling in the matter challenging the legitimacy of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State was long in coming. The drama that dogged the suit would remain a worthy example in the political history of the state for many years to come. It has taken two wasted years for Governor Ikpeazu to continue in office without as much worrying about what lies ahead. But, all of that has ended now even with his main challenger, Uche Ogah, conceding to the validity of his election, although he had no options as all possible judicial avenues had been exhausted.

Unfortunately, for the period the litigation lasted, the state suffered serious crisis of development. Whilst the governor had tried to downplay the effect of the distraction, which was said to have eroded the trust of investors and the confidence of development partners, the truth about governance not taking shape was still evident, not on account of capacity but the mere distraction that the litigation constituted.

Curiously, the delay occasioned by the litigation would not form part of the scorecard the governor would take to the people in accounting for his stewardship the next time he goes to them for mandate renewal. This is why he must buckle up his chin strap and get really busy for the remainder of his mandate.

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