Bode Oyedepo’s Travails


He used to be very famous in the Lagos social circle. Indeed, when
Bode Oyedepo, aka Bode The Way, came to Nigeria from his United States
base, many had swarmed around him like bees seeking his presence at
their events.
The Kwara State- born socialite was the toast of music stars. In
particular, K1 ‘D’ Ultimate on several occasions sang his praise to
high heavens. This, according to sources, was as a result of his
generosity. As a successful businessman, he reportedly built and
bought many houses in many parts of Lagos State.  His garage was
filled with the state-of-the-art cars.
However, Bode the Way suffered a reversal of fortune when he dabbled
into the murky water of politics. Spy glass gathered that he was lured
into the Kwara politics given his alleged closeness with the late Dr.
Olusola Saraki.
He had reportedly planned to contest for a seat in the National
Assembly to represent Kwara South senatorial disctict; and in the
process, he committed a lot of money into the project. Though he was
not a popular candidate and many of his friends warned him against it,
he did not heed their advice. In the end, he lost in all ways,
financially and politically.  He suffered so much misfortune that he
sold many of his property, but for his ex-wife, Biola, he would have
sold his most prominent house in Ikeja GRA.
Oyedepo, as gathered, has scampered back abroad, this time around,
Canada, where he  is licking his wound, like a wounded dog.