Carols for Easter


Mary Ekah

During the just concluded Easter celebration, the Akwa Ibom State Liaison Office Fellowship Choir, Lagos State brought the Easter story to life with its lively, dance-like setting of hymnals punctuated with flexible voices and enhanced keyboard rendition, explaining the true meaning of Easter.  The selection of the energetic hymnals rendered at the event took the Easter worship to new heights and also established that the resurrection of Jesus, which Easter celebrates, is a foundation of the Christian faith.

Speaking during Easter Carol event, The Liaison Officer, Akwa Ibom State Liaison Office, Lagos State, Mr. Michael Ekpenyong said, “The lesson of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is that Christians should love one another. Christ came, suffered and died for our sins and if Christ died for our sins, we should be able to forgive and love one another dearly. We should be able to emulate the way of life of Christ who came and did so many things for us before he finally died for sins. So I would appeal to my brethren to love one another, work together, be their brothers’ keepers and whenever there is a need to assist a brother, please do so because that is the gospel of Christ.”

Explaining what inspired his organisation to hold such a spiritually magnified event, he said, “In the Akwa Ibom Civil Service, every ministry is expected to worship God and prayer together once in a week but when I came in here things weren’t like that. And with what I had seen in Uyo where I had worked before I came to Lagos, I felt things were not properly organised and so I decided to infuse what I saw in Uyo here in Lagos office, and I’m happy that the staff I met really cooperated with me and that is why you can see the beautiful display of the Easter Carol by the staff today.”

Ekpenyong  who expressed delight over the outcome of his innovative leadership, noted, “I am so delighted today because when I look at the faces of my staff I see happiness and I feel so fulfilled that our staff are also more fulfilled than how met them when I came in newly. I have also noticed that the unity that exists amongst the staff is increasing day by day.”  The Choir Leader, Akwa Ibom State Liaison Office Fellowship Choir, Lagos State, Akaniyene Essien who said the event was not just significant to the organisation but to Christian’s community at large, noted, “It is all about love, which is what led Christ to the cross. He left His exalted position in Heaven and went to the cross. He was very humble. So it is all about the lifestyle of humility, for you to reject an exalted position and take the place of a minor, just to be give salvation. So it is imperative for we, Christians to emulate and embark on this lifestyle of humility at whatever angle we find ourselves.”

Expressing gratitude to the Liaison Officer for being an exemplary leader and also granting them the opportunity to express themselves, he said, “He has been a very wonderful leader and has given us a platform and also has ensure that right from the day he assumed duty here in Lagos, that we marry our religious activities and spiritual reflections with our secular job.” Essien stressed however that the Choir does not allow its activities to clash with official engagement, adding, “We do come together when there is need for us to do so and not necessarily when it is festive period. But as a fellowship, we usually set out one day in a week to pray for the organisation, the government of the state and the state as a whole.”

He said further that the day’s event served as a sober reflection for every Christian, adding, “It is very eventful period for every Christian and for you to be a Christian, you should know that the essence of your Christianity is pivoted by the dead of Christ on the cross and His resurrection, without which there wouldn’t have been Christianity. That is why we Christians at the Akwa Ibom State Liaison Office, find it necessary to ensure that we embark on this exercise.”