Water Fuels Your Body



As your car is useless without the power supplied to it by its own type of fuel, so are you and your students without adequate intake of water daily. My friend’s mistake provided me with the learning curve on which I have remained since I witnessed the consequences of her error. Tired, unfocused and dehydrated, Jane drove into the petrol station at 9:45pm after a long day shift. This lapse in concentration resulting from thirst and dehydration made her self-supply her car with diesel instead of petrol. She didn’t go too far before her car stalled. It took a loan by way of an overdraft to get her car back on the road. Fuel is to car as water to the body.

Fuel, like water, is important to your car. Fuel provides your vehicle with the energy with which it works. The most common vehicle fuels are petrol and diesel. Other energy sources are ethanol, biodiesel, propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), electric batteries charged by an external source and hydrogen. Your car is useless without the power supplied it by its fuel. Your Vehicle’s fuel energises it, propels it, and lubricates it amongst other benefits.

In a similar manner, the water you drink provides your body with energy. It also transports substances, aids detoxification and lubricates your joints. The water you drink goes right into your body’s cells, between your cells and in your blood stream to promote high performance in these places. Water is your main energy provider as it generates magnetic and electrical energy within your cells. You would greatly reduce fatigue throughout the day by regularly taking sips of water.

There are trillions of cells in your body and they must have water for you to live. About two thirds of the water in your body is contained inside your cells. One third of your water is between your cells while approximately a third of your water is contained in your blood. Water has an excellent ability to dissolve many substances. Its presence within your cells enables it to use valuable nutrients, minerals and chemicals vital for your growth and wellbeing. Water has virtually no calories and won’t fatten up.