Reputation is Everything in Today’s Branding World, Says Babaeko


Ferdinand Ekechukwu

It is believed that the success of a brand is ultimately dependent on consumer behaviour that is more people favourably choosing your brand on more occasions. This can be achieved when a brand/business makes a lasting connection with consumers as “the brand that owns the consumers heart also owns his/her wallet which why emotional connection is key.”

However in today’s marketing environment, brand management is increasingly becoming more challenging because of the super active and noisy world we find ourselves in.

A renowned marketing communications and brand expert, Mr. Steve Babaeko, made the remarks during the weekly live chat with a group on the topic “Communication and Branding in a Hyperactive World”.

The reason for this, according to him, was largely as a result of the plethora of brands on display in the market place these days, coupled with the fragmentation of media which makes it more difficult for brands to make the right impact.

“Once upon a time marketing people had to contend with only 1 screen: The television. Today you have to contend with TV, mobile phone, tablets/desktop and game consoles thus as marketing people we have to evolve creative ways to engage the target audience. Comprehension of message is clearly affected because of the divided attention”, he said.

Named ‘Let’s Talk Marketing’, the live chat group made up of entrepreneurs, marketing managers, corporate communications managers, brand managers and media practitioners had participants discussing marketing and brand related issues, with Babaeko as the lead discussant in the forum.
The discussion, which was via social media app WhatsApp x-rays trends, insights and everything in-between in marketing.

Should businesses always respond or maintain silence when they are called out? Babaeko expressed that in today’s world a brand should endeavor to respond when called out. He said that we live in a world driven by search. “Consumers search to find out about brands to make purchase decisions. If a brand is called out it’s important to respond so the brand’s response can show in the search.”

Although he categorically stated that “not the frivolous ones [brands] of course. If it’s serious and it calls out and challenges the essence of or value proposition of the brand, it should be responded to. In today’s world a brand cannot afford to be seen as detached”.
On how much value does a great reputation really confer on a brand in today’s hyper active markets, Babaeko asserts that “reputation today is priceless. It’s everything.”

In repositioning a “brand” that has been already perceived to be archaic or “old school” even when such brand is trying to adopt latest technology and marketing tools to drive new innovative products/services, he stated that “I see clients try to reposition their aging brand by just creating ads with young people on skate boards and basketball. Sadly that’s not enough. A brand’s DNA has to reengineered then you can push from inside to extrinsic.