Indimi Sisters Tackle Aisha Buhari


If the report available to Spyglass is anything to go by,  the end may not have been heard about the smouldering war between Hajia Aisha Buhari, the wife of the President,  Muhammadu  Buhari,  and some members of the Indimi  family.

It will be  recalled that there was some reported and,  perhaps,  under- reported hiccups  during the recent wedding of Zahra, the beautiful daughter of  the President, to Ahmed Indimi,  the  son of Mohammed Indimi, the billionaire owner of Oriental Energy Resources, in December.

However, while one was thinking that the ‘warring parties’ had sheathed their swords, Spyglass gathered that the  twin sisters to Ahmed are allegedly  on the war path with the wife of the President,  as they are said to be hurling abuses at her.

Sources  disclosed to Spyglass  how the Indimi Twins, Zahra, aka Ya Gumsu , and Ameena, aka Ya Kaka,  recently poured invectives on the President’s wife and her daughter  on their Istagram pages

In a veiled attack, there were said to have   described the First Lady as Tokyo Toni, mother of Angela Renée White, aka Blac Chyna, a popular American model and entrepreneur.  Toni,  who is Robert Kardashian, is also a “video vixen” due to her frequent appearances in Hip-hop music videos.

The twins were said to have made the comparison because, according to them,  the wife of the President,  like Toni,  had allegedly hijacked the preparations for her daughter’s wedding to their brother.

According to the source,  they  wondered why she personally handled all the arrangements for the wedding.

However, sources close to the wife of the President said that she had to personally supervise all the activities for the wedding because of her integrity and her knack for perfection and excellence.

A family source to the Indimi,  who craved anonymity,  said: “the twins are bad representatives of the family. I  wonder how Ahmed Indimi’s sisters could be that rude to his mother in law and  a First Lady of a country for that matter?

The source  revealed  further that the development did not go down well with some friends of the Indimis, who came across the material and pointedly told their parents to call them to order.

According  to the source,  Aisha did the best by banning them from her daughter’s wedding “so that they would not pollute a ceremony that was ordained by God to herald a new beginning for the couple.”

Also speaking,  another,  who craved anonymity,  debunked the claim that Aisha and Zahra were gold diggers, adding that the  boxes the twins claimed that the Indimi family bought for Zahra were mere propaganda and a bunch of lies.

The source said: “All together, I can confirm to you they are 11 boxes and two vanity round box. Whereas they lied in  the social media  saying it was  60 boxes and stuff worth billions of naira. But, what I saw is not up to N100 million.

“ Ironically, One of the twins, Ya Gumsu, is married to a Malian fruit seller in Abuja. The  Malian abandoned a pregnant wife to marry Ya Gumsu and that was her second marriage.”

She is  said to have had too much trouble in the first marriage before the man reportedly left her.

“Her twin sister, Ya Kaka, lost her husband in a road accident a few years back.  In fact,  members of the man’s family are still battling with her over his wealth, “ the source added.