NIMPORT Partners Others to Promote Port Equipment Technology 


As Nigeria seek to further her industry and manufacturing capacity towards promoting export, the ports, terminal and warehousing subsector require to build capacity for heavy duty equipment sourcing, supply, leasing and maintenance to guarantee sustainable operations. 

With the challenging problems of high operational cost of running most Nigeria ports and terminals services, investors are looking at improving efficiency of equipment and machinery used at various operations to reduce losses and improve service delivery time. 

Industry watchers have started calling for improvement in the equipment and facilities used at our ports to help enhance efficiency and reduce damages on the paving of the ports and road facilities.

These were contained in statement issued by the Chairman of NIMPORT, Mr. Fortune Idu at the inauguration of SANY, a Chinese global leading manufacturer in ports equipment into NIMPORT committee for the promotion of ports and terminals development and technology in Nigeria.

Idu who disclosed that the industry is failing to address the problems caused by the old and used equipment at the ports also stated that for cost reasons many concessionaire have been shying away from buying new equipment only to spend more money fixing used inefficient equipment.  This he said do not only in the long term bring financial losses to investors but also causes damage to both pavement of the ports work areas and the access to the ports and terminals leading the traffic congestions.

To this end, NIMPORT in collaboration with SANY will be hosting a business networking lunch seminar meeting  for operatives in the industry to discuss on this matters and bring awareness on the effect of the practices.

SANY Nigeria Limited is set to deploy various categories of port and terminal equipment into Nigeria to support the growing port and logistics industry. 

The company which is registered now in Nigeria desires to grow with Nigeria port and terminal industry and to give the industry full service support of international standard and have begun demonstrating their good intention by supporting the hosting of networking meeting. SANY is very willing to partner with Nigeria companies and people who are interested in being part of its distributor chain for brand new and market built equipment with standing durability and cost effective pricing. 

In reaction to these, the Managing Director of SANY Nigeria Limited, Mr  Max Miao Yu acknowledged the company strong interest in solidifying its base in Nigeria and look forward to the networking meeting with interested partners and to give further insight to the business opportunity the company offers.

The seminar will feature major industry leaders in the port, terminal and logistics sector with keynote address by the Managing Director of Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), Ms Hadiza Bala Usman on the importance of improving port efficiency by using the right equipment. Other guests to the business networking meeting are the Lagos State Commissioner of Transportation, Federal Ministry of Transportation the Director of Maritime Service and the other heads of the port and terminal companies.