Ondo Poll: Coalition Accuses Presidency of ‘Arresting Judgment’


As many Nigerians are still worried why the Court of Appeal curiously declined to judgment last Friday on who the authentic governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State between Eyitayo Jegede and Jimoh Ibrahim, a pro-democracy coalition, Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution (CDNDC), has accused the presidency of “arresting the judgment to fester it political interest.” 

According to the group in a statement issued, by its Co-Convener, Ariyo-Dare Atoye, yesterday, “Everything that is playing out in the Ondo State election is about the 2019 agenda to plant the ruling party in that state at all cost. We will see more of this executive impunity in other states in the weeks ahead.

“We make bold to say that the axis of Jimoh Ibrahim, Ali Modu and Buruji Kasham, has no capacity to run riots against the judiciary and sponsor such scandalous petitions against revered justices without the support of the powers-that-be,” according to a statement by it. 

“You could see it written all over the faces of the justices on the Appeal Court panel, that they were practically forced by the power that be, to do a volte-face in delivering the judgment in the PDP candidacy tussle.

“Until this wicked interference, Justice Saulawa-led panel had resisted all the mischievous processes in the suits, guided by the decision of the Supreme Court in Agumagu vs NJC, which gives it authority to proceed to judgment despite a curious notice at the apex court.

 “They want to destroy everything and turn Nigeria into a fascist state ahead of 2019. They are using power with brazen recklessness and subverting all democratic institutions to fester a sordid political interest, but they will fail.”

The group in the statement also expressed worry that “these gangs of political predators backed by the hawks in the Presidency might extend their blackmails to the Supreme Court, all in a bid to ensure that the stinking judgment of Justice Abang is not reviewed.

     “They know that the judgment of Justice Abang that is being challenged and other political rulings cannot stand the test of time. Consequently they want to bring down the judiciary just to protect a wicked verdict that will still fail.


CDNDC also allegedly accused these hawks of interfering with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in a “desperate bid to plant surrogates across the country to strengthen their support base for 2019.

“INEC has become a willing tool for the ruling party to do hatchet jobs; we have to say it as it is. The present INEC has been effectively compromised and no longer enjoys the confidence of Nigerians.  

“To win election now in Nigeria, if you are not a member of the APC, you have to first defeat INEC to be sure of making any progress. It is that bad and very painful,” the coalition said. 

The group told the opposition PDP to brace for up for more challenges across the country, warning that “the axis of Jimoh Ibrahim, Ali Modu and Buruji Kashamu, has been procured by the hawks to deplete it rant and strength in every state of the federation and also weaken it structures.”

The coalition therefore urged Nigerians to make sacrifices and stand up in defence of democracy when they can still do it, warning that ‘it may be too late if we allow them to get away with the current aberrations.”