Obi/Obiano Fracas: No One Can Force Me into Exile, Says Obi


By David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

The former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has said he would only encourage Anambra people to pray for Governor Willie Obiano as no one could force him into exile.

Obi said this yesterday at the burial of the father of Chief Emeka Offor at Oraifite when he was asked to react to a newspaper publication of yesterday headlined: “Obiano threatens to unleash attack on former Gov, SSG”, where the Governor was quoted to have said that he would exploit all the bullets in his armoury against the former Governor, SSG or any person that attacked him.

On what he would do if the Governor carried out his threat, Obi who recalled the eight years he was the Governor, said that in those eight years that nobody was attacked or stopped from visiting the State, and wondered why the attack would start now, when, according to him, the State should be advancing in civilization by upholding the tenets of democracy and decency. 

On the call by the former Governor that he should stop visiting Anambra State and attending events in the State, Obi said that such order amounted to asking him to go on exile, since, according to him, he had his house in Onitsha and lived in the town.

He said nobody was barred during his time, because not just that decency was against such but that the Constitution guaranteed the freedom of movement.

Speaking further, Obi said that throughout his tenure as the Governor of Anambra State that everybody, including past governors were neither barred from visiting the State nor attending events in the State because, according to him, “it is a freedom guaranteed by the constitution.”

Again, he said: “I served Anambra State for eight years. As the Governor, I kept saying I would live in the State for the rest of my life to enable me share the joy and grieves of the people. Why would somebody, for instance, said I should not attend events in the State? 

“Why would somebody request I stop saying what I did as the Governor of Anambra State, when people are still talking about the good deeds of the likes of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief M.I Okpara?”

Obi insisted he would continue to say what he did, provided he said the truth. 

“Most of the things are said are not for self-adulation, but to use my experience to demonstrate to our people that we can do certain things we thought as impossible, example is the fact that I returned schools to the Church and provided them with over 30,000 computers, generators and internet connectivity.

“The fact that under our Government, we cleared arrears of pension of over N35 billion, paid for all the certificate generated by contractors without borrowing a kobo, but instead left money, including dollars for the State.” Obi said.