Group Expresses Desire to Promote Standardisation in Tech Usage amongst Companies


By Ugo Aliogo, Abdulkareem Azeezat and Salami Ibukunoluwa

One of the leading mission-critical technology systems, and solution companies, Converge Group has expressed its desire to promote standardisation in technology usage amongst companies in the country.

Disclosing this during the CIO Executive breakfast session in Lagos on Tuesday, the Director of Operation, Akan Jacobs, said presently most companies are using the Red Hat free community version as a result they don’t have enterprise grade technology in working their versions, therefore they are prone to hacking and suffering some security flaws.

He advised businesses to leave the free product platform to the Red Hat enterprise ready platform, which he said would cost them a little; adding that Red Hat hardens the new community version and makes them enterprise ready.
Jacobs said that cloud computing in the Nigerian information Communication and Technology (ICT) space is already growing, expressed the hope for a very rapid adoption, which he said is delayed due to the infrastructure problems in the country. “Nigeria as a country has used technology as medium to leapfrog to where it is today in the technology and development spectrum”, he said.

The meeting, which also had in attendance one of the group’s international partners Red Hat, one of the leading Technology solutions in the companies in the world, provided a learning opportunity for the invited banks executives to learn recent innovations in cloud and software solutions.
Speaking on the impacts of Red Hats to the Nigeria market, Jacob said Red Hat has created certain products that are coming new into the Nigeria market such as open shift which is used by developers to accelerate development efforts, and open stark which is an infrastructure as a service (IEAS) technology that allows you to drive virtualisation platform.

He added: “Red Hat has also cloud form which is a cloud infrastructure that allows a user to drive infrastructure as a service and also virtualisation platforms. The latest technology solution by Red Hat is Mobile Application Platform (MAP) that platform allows to rapidly develop mobile applications for phones, therefore giving organisations opportunity to develop mobile applications quickly using the red hat MAP. Red Hat is most enterprise widely used; therefore in terms of penetrations almost every bank, telecommunications, oil and gas firms, government institutions uses one or two applications of red hat. For instance, we used GSM, the 3G and 4G to solve some of our basic problems because we didn’t have the other infrastructures that existed such as cables.

“So we think that cloud infrastructure will be used in that way for the Nigeria organisations that don’t want to setup a race floor organisation centre and primary data centre with a backup DR site. So they will be able to leverage cloud infrastructure to connect to existing data centres online some of them local, some global.

“But we will give a server in two minutes as opposed to going to buy a server with 25 million. They can pay for that server for one month, six hours, and after six hours when they are done with processing they can thrash it and all they have to do is to pay a fraction of the cost. Cloud computing allows infrastructure brace and the Small Medium Scale Enterprise (SMEs) or medium size companies to immediately access a server computing environment.”