Baring It All at Strugz


Mary Ekah
It was all white and bare foot event at Strugz, themed, ‘Letting Go of Your Inhibition in: Entrepreneurship, Relationship and Career’ aimed at creating a platform that enables individuals let go of their inhibitions in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, relationship and marriage where guest speakers shared their experiences and daily habits that hinder and restrict self growth.

The Strugz event, organised by Amaka Orakwe and held at The Garden, an exclusive open-door relaxation spot in Lekki Lagos, was actually a perfect opportunity to network in a relaxed and fun filled setting. The tranquil ambiance of the garden bordering the Lagos Lagoon provided the right venue for the event organised by

The event had experts who drilled the guests on how to really let go on any inhibition they may have had in the past across all spheres. However, the intrigues of the event were the all-white dressing and bare foot by the guests. The unique outing and, especially the non-resistance by the guests at the request by the female ushers to remove their shoes marveled all, some onlookers and residents where The Garden is situated.

Yet, after a seeming shoe removal ritual, the guests proceeded to the well-laid mat on the green grass; some sitting, some squatting and others in leisure positions they fancy. But the fact is that they all paid full attention, participated in the interactive and audience-friendly event, while the organisers marvel at the high level of compliance to the ‘rules of engagement’ of the event.

While sitting leisurely and listening, clapping, cheering or contributing to the several discussions at the event, the guests were effortlessly relishing on small chops and food courtesy of Savory Delight, while the fresh sea breeze from the Lagoon kept caressing their bodies, relaxing and further indulging them on a roller coaster post-Independence Day outing. Amid all these, the guests were, especially empowered through various coaching, business and entrepreneurial insights, work, relationship and life experiences of two wonderful guest speakers.

The first to mentor the guests was Victor Okigbo, a coach/mentor. But you can hardly distinguish Victor, who also bared his feet and decked on all-white attire, from the crowd save for the fact that he had the microphone and all eyes glued on his direction.

In line with the theme, Victor helped the guests to identify areas they need to let go any inhibition; from business, career and relationships. His was a practical mentorship with lots of references from his life business, investment and life experiences. One way of letting go the inhibition, according to Victor, is for a business founder to find a co-founder, and if a founder cannot do that, there is a problem with his business model or his attitude.

But the co-founder, Victor noted must be someone who complements what you do or hope to achieve. He urged startups to avoid private equity companies who only are after sharing in their success; he advised that they should look for co-founders to share their equities, treasury bills among other sources of fund that will not put them under unnecessary pressure to pay back or service the loans. The second speaker; a legal luminary and an amazon in her own right, Dolapo Kukoyi, partner, Details Solicitors, to mentor them, handled the session both lively and professionally starting with her life experience as mother of two, career woman, feats in a law firm and inhibitions to business ownership, pursuit of fulfilling career and achieving one’s goal in life. In her remarks, the elated Uzoamaka Orakwue, founder, and coordinator, Strugz Inspire, organisers of the event, was very impressed with the turnout, the organisation of the event, the exciting activities, and most importantly, the mentorships that set free, imparted and refocused most of the guests.