Beware Aisha! Before Buhari’s Wife Gets Fooled by Praise-Singers on Many Projects



Predictably, as it is often the norm with people in high places, career sycophants and political parasites have begun to heap earned and unearned accolades on the wife of President Buhari. Many have written poetry in her praise and published it as paid advertorial in foremost Nigerian newspapers.

As Mr. President’s wife basks in the flurry of her adoration by political parasites, let her not forget the words of Boris Pasternak. The Russian poet and novelist avers that: “Who should remain alive and praised; who should stay dead without renown depends upon criteria that powerful sycophants lay down.”

Pasternak’s summation could never be more apt; among other truths, it emphasizes the desperation and astounding vanity of sycophants singing the praises of Aisha Buhari in order to put their claws in her.

It would be recalled that such career sycophants misled former first lady and wife of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience. Patience’s praise-singers morphed into a group called Friends of the First Lady of Nigeria (FFLN) and the group comprised of self-acclaimed society women who paraded themselves as Dame Patience’s closest circle of friends and associates.

The objective of the group was simple: to reap bountifully from the defunct dispensation. And in bid to be part of the group, not a few women in Lagos, particularly from the city’s upper crust, engaged in a tiresome hustle to be part of the group. It is interesting to know that this same group of women formed an impenetrable ring around Hajia Turai Yar’Adua, wife to the late President, Umar Musa Yar’Adua. Today, the fortune hunters have shifted their allegiance from Hajia Turai and Dame Patience and transferred it to Aisha Buhari.

As oil price crashes worldwide, the fund wells are drying up and eminent deep-pockets bemoan their plight as plenitude and splendor evade them and their erstwhile lavish world; this makes them less charming to their bevy of concubines and beneficiaries. The times are hard right now and even the country’s superrich, the billionaire oil moguls to be precise, are feeling the pinch.

As the economy slips further into decline, the young oil Turks and maverick magnates comprising Nigeria’s nouveau riche, have begun to tame their predilection to squander their earnings on guilty pleasures. Within their luxurious circuits, there is no more vulgar display of wealth; no more extravagant expenses.

Consequently, many of their concubines and glorified urchins have begun to lament; the oil moguls are no longer throwing money around like drunken sailors. Things have gotten so bad that people now look back wistfully into the era when Goodluck Jonathan was President. As you read, many of the country’s superrich have asked their children and mistresses to pick up odd jobs to survive abroad.

Many of the rich oil Turks that turned Dubai and Miami, USA into their homes have been humbled. They have beaten a sensible retreat into their shells – these days, they spend their time hiding out in colourful mansions they built when the going was good. Major shopping points including Harrods and Selfridges in London, Emirates and Dubai malls in Dubai, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York are really feeling the heat too as Nigeria’s extravagant oil magnates no longer patronise their expensive halls.

The private jet hanger is like a ghost island and the erstwhile busy boutique hotels spread across the country are currently empty and deserted by their profligate clients. These are certainly the worst of times for Nigeria’s oil magnates and the filthy rich.