Ojukutu Concerned about State of the Nation


Sunday Okobi

The first female elected Deputy Governor in Nigeria, Alhaja Sinatu Aderoju Ojukutu, has called on all Nigerians, irrespective of their religion, tribe, region and values, to pray ceaselessly for the survival of the country. She also tasked her country people to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari, who she said is surrounded by enemies bent on removing him from power by all means which would doom the country if not prevented now.

Ojikutu former deputy Governor of Lagos State, revealed that during her recent fasting and prayer for the country, she was given a message to Buhari as well as Nigeria that if those praying for Nigeria stop “to pray, the enemies would remove Buhari either physically or by death “If the president is removed from office by any means, the calamity that would befall the country would be indescribable-worse than the biblical Armageddon.”

Ojukutu stated this yesterday when she addressed journalists on the state of the nation in Lagos. She noted that she had the same massage for former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, but was not given the opportunity to see and inform him before he was voted out of power.
The former politician decried that many Nigerians are not happy, and therefore, not praying reverently for the survival of the country. But if, according to her the president is exited from office or killed, the uprising will follow and result to great calamity that nobody will escape.

She said: “I had the message for the nation while going through spiritual ritual. In the message, Buhari was alluded to as a camel to the Tamud people in the Koran that was later killed. This nation has great people who pray for it without compensation, but it seems they have stop praying, which is dangerous.

“In this revelation, one day, without our prayers, Buhari might exit the scene, but the problem is not about him, it is about the survival of the nation because the calamity that will follow such action would be unimaginable as nobody would be able to survive-including the rich, poor, young, old, good and bad. The disaster (Armageddon), if the enemies of Nigeria succeed in removing Buhari, will surely befall Nigeria but God forbid! So we should all go into prayers,” she revealed.

Ojukutu who said she wasn’t looking for any appointment from the government as age is not on her side, insisted that she must give out the message God gave her to Nigerians irrespective of whose ox is gored, adding that Buhari’s life is in danger , and “if it happens, I will not even survive the aftermath; nobody will survive, so we won’t allow this to happen. We need to support the president’s anti-corruption drive, encourage and love him for the country to move forward.

“There are a lot of forces in Buhari’s circle working against him but their evil deeds can be thwarted if we all go into sincere supplication to God. Also, Nigerians should always do the right thing. Many Nigerians seem to have given up, many don’t pray anymore because the system is not working but we must not give up. Some Nigerians prefer to go back to the days of corruption because the good will of the people for Buhari is fast eroding but we won’t give up.”