Six Killed as Petrol Tanker Crash in Akwa Ibom


Okon Bassey in Uyo

Six persons were reportedly killed in Akwa Ibom State when a petrol tanker crashed in an attempt to escape from police arrest.

The incident occurred on Monday at a police check point along Obong Itam road in Itu Local Government Area of the state.

Sources said the driver of the truck was running away from the police when he was stopped at the check point as the vehicle was on with one head lamp at about 8.30p.m.
A source said the driver of the truck while trying to avoid from the security operative sped off and crashed into the pavement.

 Luck was not at the side of a tricycle operator as he was killed in the crash with five of his passengers.

According to a resident of Obong Itam, Cyril Ekpenyong, said the crash occurred around 8:30p.m. He stated that when the police flagged the truck and the driver refused to stop, the police did not pursue the vehicle.

He noted that the truck driver’s apprehension was that the police team that had tried to stop him was pursuing him as he had poor light even at the back.
Ekpenyong said the tricycle rider and another man in the truck were taken to hospital, where two of them were later confirmed dead.

“The accident happened around 8:30p.m. We saw the truck as the police were trying to flag it down because it was driving with one headlamp which was not even bright. The driver did not mind the police as he veered to the right of the policemen for escape.

“The police did not chase after him; he unnecessarily sped up thinking that the police was running after him. In a matter of one minute and few seconds from where the police stood, we heard a bang,” he said.

The Public Relations Officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr. God’s Gift Uwen, confirmed the incident.

He said the accident happened along Kilometre 8, Obong Itam, along Uyo-Calabar Highway on Monday around 8:30p.m.

The truck, he said crashed into pavement, falling on to a tricycle and killed five persons. He said an injured victim was rushed to a hospital, but had not confirmed if he himself was dead.

“The cause of the accident was dangerous driving. It happened around 8:30p.m. on Monday. The truck crashed into a pavement and hit a tricycle. As of yesterday, five persons, who were all males, had been killed,” he said.