“VP Osinbajo says accelerated infrastructure development critical to sustainable growth.”
-AIT News, Tuesday September 20, 2016, 2.53 pm-ish.

“Economic revival, key to reducing human trafficking in Nigeria-Buhari.”
-AIT News Headlines, Tuesday September 20, 2.54 pm-ish.

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but I took a conscious break from ‘political’ Come Again? For all kinds of ‘wonderful’ reasons which I won’t bore you with. However, I couldn’t help myself when I saw the two aforementioned headlines the other day.

It would appear that the president, his vice and quite a few people in the executive do not get that the campaigns are over. Elections were ‘won’ and ‘lost’ close to 20 months ago. There’s now no need for anyone to talk as if they are addressing one ‘inaccessible’ being at the Villa. What’s more, these two speakers are the new occupants of (the increasingly expensive to run) Villa.

So when Osinbajo says “accelerated infrastructure development critical to sustainable growth”, who is he talking to? If he must say “accelerated infrastructure development critical to sustainable growth” at all, that statement must be followed by words like: ‘this is why the federal government has set up’ or ‘created’ or ‘disbursed X sum to tackle…’ Even words like ‘plans to’,or plans to inject’ or ‘about to… set up’ are no longer good enough.

And as for the president telling some people about economic revival being key to reducing human trafficking, say what? You don’t say? Really? If this were social media banter, I’d say ‘Flesh and blood have not revealed this…’ (Matthew 16 verse 17). So where’s the blueprint for this economic revival.Or is the current recession part of it? Sorry, I forgot recession was just a word. Aren’t people more likely to engage in human trafficking now more than before? Just because of the general lack a clear economic direction.

Nigerians are resilient, yes. Nigerians are optimistic, we know. While most of us Nigerians are getting on or trying to get on with being resilient, it would be good if our elected leaders didn’t add (expensive Dangote) salt to our open wounds.