Wike Inaugurates Amnesty Programme Committee, Insists Govt won’t Pay for Arms


By Ernest Chinwo in Port Harcourt 

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, on Friday inaugurated the State Amnesty Programme and reiterated his warning that the state would not pay for arms surrendered by cultists and militants.

He said the inauguration of the committee was a major move to restore peace across all communities of the state.

The committee has as members representatives  of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigerian Police and the Department of State Services. The Special Adviser to the Governor on Amnesty,  Sir  Ken Chinda,  is chairman.

In his inauguration speech,  Wike  charged the committee  to interface with different cult groups for the purpose of  retrieving arms from them.

The governor also charged the committee to work out modalities  to ensure the proper integration  of cultists  and  militants  who willingly  subscribe  to  the amnesty  programme.

He warned the committee members  against promising repentant  cultists and militants  that the state government  would  pay for arms surrendered  in the course of  the  programme.

He declared: “Anyone who  has surrendered  his arms and has followed  through the process laid out for the amnesty will be pardoned. Such a person  will not be prosecuted.

“This committee has 60 days to complete its assignment.  After the 60 days, any cultist or militant who fails to subscribe  to  the  amnesty programme  will face the  full weight of the law”.