Webroot Introduces Cloud-based Cybersecurity Solution


Webroot, a new generation cloud-based cybersecurity solution has been introduced in Nigeria to protect computer system from hackers and phishers.

Webroot is a new generation protection solution that gives users full control of their data and assets with maximum protection from hackers and phishers.

One of Webroot’s key strengths as a cybersecurity provider has been its leadership in developing next generation approaches to prevent attacks, and a proven technology base that spans millions of devices.
CEO of Ethnos IT Solutions Limited, a leading cyber security company based in Lagos, Nigeria, Mr, Peter Ejiofor, described Webroot as the solution against hackers that use every guise to access people’s systems.

“Computers in the real sense are designed to have little or no security. By default, most computer users have multiple services turned on, no firewall installed, and with haphazard or little patching, leaving organisation’s data susceptible to phishing; all these forces combined makes computers and the data contained in the system, vulnerable to hacking, as hackers can remotely scan and hack into literally millions of computers without the need for interaction by the end user, Ejiofor explained.

He noted that to combat the threat, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have worked tirelessly to build security into computers by deploying firewalls enabled by default, reducing services, using advanced memory protection, standardised patching processes and other features.

“To mitigate these attacks, the next generation of system users and technologist have come to embrace the idea of computing and securing data in the cloud, however, it is imperative to ask this question, how does your company use the cloud? Almost certainly it allows your employees to work more efficiently by enabling them to access email and vital documents wherever they are in the world. The salient question therefore is, are you taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud to protect your email servers, support data privacy and integrity, and protect your intellectual property from cyber theft and phishing? If yes, what technology did you adopt? Is the technology adopted optimised to serve your needs?” Ejoifor asked.

The company’s staff, DamilolaOluwatunmise further explained that Webroot is a Next-Generation Endpoint security with cloud-based threat intelligence services for mobile security, security of web gateway, IoT cybersecurity among others.

“The cloud based security has become the present and future of securing email and protecting against malicious Web traffic; for managing user account, identification and accesses; for continuously monitoring threat activities and patching vulnerabilities across a geographically dispersed and mobile workforce,” Oluwatunmise said.