Not a few Nigerians would remember Anwuzia, the dandy pastor from ZOE Ministries. Although his oratory style was below average, his style was so fascinating that many Christians rushed back home to catch a glimpse of his verbosity on the pulpit.

The ZOE Ministries’ pastor made no pretence about his predilection for prosperity, and he truly practiced what he preached cruising about town in exotic cars with customised plate numbers ZOE 1, ZOE 2 to ZOE 50. But like forgotten shea butter in the sun, Anwuzia disappeared suddenly from the scene with his ministry.

His disappearance was trailed with series of scandals and rumours though close sources revealed unavoidable impoverishment as the cause of his disappearance. However, the ZOE Ministries’ pastor seemed to have regained his voice in recent times. Few months back, he staged what seemed a comeback telling everybody that he was back and better. Many months down the line, Anwuzia is yet to live up to his words. A leopard seldom changes its spots no doubt.