Anison Knows What Jesus Really Said


Funke Olaode

Another addition to the plethora of publications in Christendom was released to the reading public recently in Lagos. Written by soft-spoken Ikechukwu Anison who cuts the image of a modern day tele-evangelist, the book is the summation of the Word of God through the years as a Catholic, member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and lately worshipper at the Fountain of Life Church.

Anison raised a few eyebrows and perhaps ruffled some feathers with the controversial title of his first book, “What Did Jesus Really Say?” Ambitious and daring as the title may sound, it is simply a collection everything Jesus ever said to enable people focus on what Jesus said.

The 166-page book contains only the words spoken by Jesus. It also includes some study materials on, Miracles of Jesus, Key points in the Life of Jesus, What Jesus said about certain topics, the most frequent words Jesus used and the Parables of Jesus.

The hope is that it will challenge Christians to take a closer look at their Christian walk in comparison with what matters most to Jesus and where necessary realign their objectives/focus to His.

Again, a non-Christian can easily comprehend the book as it begins with the major event in Jesus’ life: The parables of Jesus, the miracles of Jesus. It is a book that tells a snapshot of Jesus’ life: His birth, early Life, and baptism. It is followed by the temptation after the 40-day fast, the commission of the 12 Apostles, the Sermon on the Mount, His rejections, the discourse about the mission and everything that revolved around him. It is also a great tool for evangelism as most unbelievers would not read the Bible, but they might read a book.

A graduate of History from the University of Lagos, Anison spent 20 years in the banking industry, but currently works as a consultant in a financial services outfit that deals on electronics banking.