Deep Cut: Growing a Passion for the Weak


It demands more than knowledge about a thing to become a passionate advocate for it. The deep and indescribable desire to rescue a people from the dire consequences of their ignorance is probably what defines the passion that Mrs. Kehinde Omoru, a UK-based special educationist and writer, has shown in her avid pursuit of a campaign to intervene in the lives of those struck down by the silent killer called Hepatitis B.

Her pet project—Deep Cut has become the vehicle with which Omoru has mounted an awareness campaign on how to steer humanity from the perils of Hepatitis B.

Her said passion to help victims of the ailment may have been triggered by the health ordeal of her husband’s security guard who was felled by the disease.

And as if on a programmed curse, the succeeding security guard soon took ill and a careful diagnosis had shown that the fellow was yet a victim of Hepatitis B.

Determined to save the life of the guard, Omoru took more than a passing interest in helping the man to survive the malignant attack. “I could not imagine or contemplate why a certain sickness would be snuffing life out of people, just like that”, Omoru said.

As a health-care personality, Omoru thus began a wider and deeper enquiry into the causes, cure and prevention of the disease while searching out already struck victims so they can benefit from guided medical help. From her base in Kent, United Kingdom, Omoru had launched a string of campaigns aimed at educating the Nigerians on the causes and preventive measures of the silent killer.

Essentially, the disease, which is largely a swelling of the liver, is typically deadly because its symptoms are hardly noticeable until after the liver has been severely damaged. And this leads to liver cirrhosis.

The disease attacks the young and the old.

It is remarkable that the first point of attack of the disease is the immune system of the victim. When that has been knocked down, then it infects the liver.

Medical research has shown that many causes of the disease are triggered by over doze of certain drugs. It could also be caused by poison, excessive consumption of alcohol, and bacteria/fungi infections.

It could also be caused by poor hygienic habits like improper hand washing.

Contact with contaminated blood is a veritable means of contacting the disease; just as the use of unscreened blood, plus the contact with open wound, or the imprint of tattoo on the skin as well as sexual intercourse with carriers of the disease are veritable means of contacting Hepatitis B.

She noted that the more obvious symptoms of the ailment are: abdominal pains, muscles and joint pains, high temperature as well as vomiting.

Omoru’s enlightenment campaign has thus been to educate the citizenry on preventive measures such as refusing to share items like razor, needle, syringes, and hair clipper, nail cutters or such items like toothbrushes. Speaking on how best to manage and even prevent the disease, Omoru enjoined people to be conscious of the disease, noting, “It is such a silent killer that does not ring bell”. She said the twin demand of healthy diet regime; as well as physical exercises are sure ways of containing the devastating effect of the disease.