‘Immunity, Life Pension for N’Assembly Officers Selfish’


A former member of the House of Representatives, Chief U.S.A Igwesi has criticised the move by the 8th National Assembly to give life pension and immunity on the Presiding Officers, describing it as an abuse of legislative privileges, celebration of opportunity and self-serving.

 Igwesi, who was a member of the 5th National Assembly, and former leader of Enugu State House of Assembly, observed that such a move would take a toll on the economy of the country which he observed was already weak and recessive, adding that conferring immunity on the presiding officers of the National Assembly would not only be counterproductive but shall be incongruous.

He opined that it was morally wrong to shift a goal post at the middle of the game, arguing that Nigerians would misconstrue the move as self-serving steps to protect the presiding officers of the Senate currently in the eye of the storm.

The former Law maker however called for political solution to the forgery case against the Senate President and his deputy, arguing that allowing full blown legal determination on the case may be counterproductive and would affect adversely the good relationship presently enjoyed by the National Assembly and the Presidency.

He observed that a developing country like Nigeria should be able to emplace culture of tolerance and forgiveness to advance her growth in search for full democratic values and shape and that immunity clause should be allowed to function as captured in the constitution.

On the issue of life pensions for the presiding officers of the National assembly, he warned that concentration resources  of the country in the hands of few privileged  people would not only destroy  our nascent democracy but will continue to widen the gap between the rich and poor, thereby promoting youth restiveness and crime.

 Arguing that it will amount to surplus and unreasonable pay for a former governor  already on life pension in his state to again receive another one if he or she finds him or herself as a presiding officer of National Assembly.