Dexlearn: Promoting E-Learning Management System


Productivity has always been linked to knowledge and competent skills. However, learning is the platform that breeds both assets, which any nation or organisation strives for when building their human resource base. Gone are the days when wealth of nations is measures in terms of natural resources, but the dynamics has changed. It is on record that nations like Japan and Singapore might not boast of expansive natural resources, but rich human resources who are well skilled and knowledgeable which are evident in their collective wealth today.

It is not in doubt that Nigeria desires to shift emphasis from dependence on oil and other natural resources alone to grow its economy and be relevant in the community of nations. Over the years, the country has been tinkering with its educational system with a view to ensuring that it adept and produce skilled human resources capable of driving this vision.

However, in a dynamic world learning methodology and platforms keep changing. Today, learning is not limited to the four walls of classroom; technology has been adapted to ensure that learning takes place with minimal disruption to other endeavours by the learners. This space has been properly filled by e-learning which has come to the rescue. All of over the world today, learning and skill acquisition have been made possible with e-learning. Several e-learning platforms abound through which this is achievable.

E-learning is electronic learning, and typically this means using a computer to deliver part, or all of a course whether it’s in a school, part of your mandatory business training or a full distance learning course.
Today, e-learning is globally accepted with millions of subscribers on several learning platforms. Platforms such as Udemy, Cousera, GO1 and Edx are familiar all over the world, Nigeria inclusive.

But the number got swollen recently with the advent of Dexlearn, an e-learning platform, with equal features, capacity and much more, wholly designed and developed in Nigeria by Nigerians. Any user of e-learning platform anywhere in the world today can join Dexlearn platform to hone skills and acquire knowledge.

Before, poor infrastructures have prevented African countries from exploring the massive opportunities available in e-learning both to spread knowledge and generate income. That however seems changing with the recent arrival of fiber optic connectivity, access to satellite, which is the primary connectivity medium as well as gradual move to fiber optics cables that dramatically increases availability of bandwidth. Furthermore, the ongoing rapid expansion in the telecommunication industry across African continent must have provided the needed impetus for Dexlearn birth.

Put at 15.2 per cent, this current growth rate for self-paced e-learning in Africa stands better chance of acceleration and penetration with the arrival of Dexlearn.
Good enough this is a private sector-led initiative of DexNova Consulting Limited, a strategic process management outfit, with offices in Lagos and Port Harcourt. With this feat, Dexlearn is the newest platform emanating from Nigeria to join several global e-learning platforms that have millions of subscribers worldwide.
In the word of Managing Partner/CEO of DexNova Consulting Limited, Mr. Adewole Oriade, Dexlearn LMS is designed in accordance with international standards and therefore can compete favourably with any other learning management system in the world.

According to him, trend has shown that Nigeria will be the second-largest user of e-learning platforms in Africa after South Africa by 2016, and therefore expediency dictates that Nigerians tap into this massive global market that can generate income as well as produce the much needed human resource base to support massive economic and technological transformation.

He stated that the objective of Dexlearn is to have a very robust learning management system for soft skill courses. Soft skills, he pointed out are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s work force, stressing that it not just enough to be highly trained in technical skills without developing the softer and outer interpersonal relationship building skills that would help people to communicated and collaborative effectively.

“The standard practice all over the world is to support class room learning method with online learning management to ensure time maximisation and sustain productivity while learning is taking place. E-learning has been adopted by all levels of education”, he explained.

Oriade explained further that considering the strategic position of Nigeria in Africa, the country couldn’t afford to lag behind in this global trend, which is a major motivation for DexNova to have invested massively in this noble initiative.
He enumerated some of the benefits of e-learning to include cost effectiveness, learning 24/7 anywhere, easy tracking of progress as well as discreet learning.

According to him, there are over 100 soft skills courses on Dexlearn platform as well as professional certification courses such as PMP Exam Prep, Prince 2 Exam prep, ITIL, Six Sigma, ScrumStudy, CBAP/CCBA, adding that the platform is set to revolutionise knowledge and skill acquisition among Nigerians and any discerning person around the globe.

He listed the value added features of Dexlearn LMS to include course guide, instructor led, self-paced training, progress tracker, simulated assessments, participants’ discussion forum, downloadable training materials, participants online and offline interaction.

Oriade explained that though Dexlearn is homegrown solution, but it has international standard and features that will attract Nigerians to embrace the solution. Beside, Dexlearn payment gateway is PayPal, which is an international payment gateway as well as contents of international repute.