GLO Revs Up Datamania on Campuses with New TVCs


By Kasie Abone

The phrase “leaders of tomorrow” is oftentimes used to describe that period of human life between childhood and maturity. Another common word for this demographic segment is youth. In most parts of the world, youths account for about sixty per cent of the population. As such, marketing, governance and innovations are targeted at the predilections, tastes, styles and peculiarities of this vital group of the demography which not only has the number but also the future with its scintillating and limitless possibilities.

This is why programmes, projects and ventures are “youthanised” to confer relevance and connect with the youth. In short, organizations and governments can only ignore this section of the population at their peril.

For a youth-centric brand like Globacom, products and services are unapologetically targeted at the leaders of tomorrow. With a pay-off line that screams “Next Generation Network”, it is only fit and proper that the interests of youth are catered to. One of such numerous products designed for them is the “Glo Campus Booster”. It is aptly christened as it is designed primarily to give exciting bonus to students on campuses of tertiary institutions as well as training institutions of Police, Customs and Immigration.

To say that students, lecturers, non-academic staff and visitors to the various campuses across Nigeria are enjoying the Glo Campus Booster is an understatement. In the words of 21 year old Adeola Olaleye of Bowen University, Iwo, Globacom “is da bomb when it comes to data”. The 400 level Communication Arts student is happy that Glo contributed immensely to the completion of her long essay required in partial fulfillment for the Bachelors of Arts degree. She surfed the net to access relevant information for her project.

Adeola said she got to know about Campus Booster through the television commercial produced to popularize the product. Specifically, she watched two commercials on the product namely the one that starred the “Godwin” crooner, Korede Bello, and the one that can be tagged exodus of people into a university campus because of Glo Campus Booster.

The commercial opens with a shot of an archetypal university “Gate D” with security officials and students exchanging the morning greetings. “Morning o!”, “Morning o, my son”, “Hello, what’s up?  These were some of the phatic communication exchanged between the Chief Security Officer and those passing through the gate.

The interesting part was the non-students and infiltrators entering the campus to make use of the affordable data rates which gives eight times the value of recharges. As the security man settles to read his favourite newspaper, he noticed not just an usually high influx of people into the campus, but some very strange faces.  He shouted, “who are these people?” In the television commercial, adults dressed as youth try to deceive the security men to enjoy Glo campus booster. Celebrated Glo brand ambassadors like Mama G spotting dreadlocks and hovercraft-riding Mr. Ibu, both dressed like students, also sneaked in to enjoy the Campus Booster rate. Globacom brings this message home so succinctly under 60 seconds in a style that is unique to the telecom company.

The Korede Bello/Yvone Nelson television commercial presents an interesting scenario where a student, Korede, refused to go home in order to continue to enjoy the Glo Campus Booster.

The TVC begins with the scene where Yvone who acted Korede’s sister is asking for direction to Block B in a car with a driver and her father. Next she knocked on the door of Room 215 which Korede Bello who was dancing to music on his phone opens. As Yvonne and the Dad breezed into the room, she intoned “Enough is enough Junior! You are coming home with us!” and Korede retorted “Sis!  Dad! What are you doing here?”  The question now elicited this response from the sister “The public holiday, you didn’t come home! The short semester break, you didn’t come home!, The New Year holidays. You still didn’t come home. Now that the long holidays are here, you still haven’t come home! What is it?”.

Korede’s response is “with Glo Campus Booster, data lasts eight times as long on campus. I enjoy my browsing, chat and download whenever I am here”. This statement captures the very essence of the product which expands the frontiers of knowledge by making tons and tons of information on every subject available to the user within a campus.

Part of the attraction of the package is the free talk time which accompanies the package

All considered, the Glo Campus Booster television commercials are another thriller from the grandmasters of data which is resonating with netizens and exciting youths across the country.