‘Vision Problems Can Affect Academic Performance’


Medifield Healthcare Limited, one of the leading providers of school health services, has identified vision problems as having an adverse effect on a child’s academic achievement in school.

A recent survey carried out by the organisation during a health screening exercise for over 2,000 primary school pupils for two academic sessions, had pupils’ academic performance monitored before and after vision screening exercises.

According to the Executive Director in charge of operations at Medifield, Dr. Femi Jegede, “with 95 per cent of learning through sight, ability to see well has become a critical consideration in knowing how well your pupil can cope at school. There is a lot of evidence to show that the rate of vision problems among pupils require interventions such as recommendation of reading glasses.

“From our study, we noted a considerable number of pupils with myopic vision issues such that they have trouble reading blackboard notes or other classroom presentation materials, while another group of pupils had hyperopic conditions meaning they have trouble reading or doing any kind of close work. We also identified several other types of eye disorders that can lead to permanent visual impairment if not identified and treated early.”

While reiterating the need for vision screening in schools, Jegede, who led the Medifield team that conducted the study, stressed that early detection of vision problems has a demonstrated impact on the quality of life and academic performance of pupils.

“Implementing vision screening exercise in schools will help to ensure that pupils’ visual issues are identified and promptly resolved thereby helping them to succeed academically, athletically and socially.”

Medifield Comprehensive School Health and Health Screening Programmes are designed by Medifield Healthcare Limited with quality in mind to provide integrated healthcare services to pupils of primary and secondary schools based on the principles of care.