Yudala Builds Africa’s Largest Warehouses


Known for its record-breaking activities in the e-commerce line, the composite retail platform, Yudala has  invested in three 220,660 square feet warehouse spaces located within the regional hubs of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

By this development, the firm boasts of owning the biggest warehouses in Africa, with more construction expected to commence soon in Owerri, Kano and Uyo.

According to the company’s Head of Operations, Ejovi Ekakitie, the project is borne out of the need to meet the company’s growing logistics needs and to strategically structure its capacity to lead in the e-commerce sector.

“The warehouses, which will significantly boost our  inventory-taking capacity, are individually the largest warehouse structures in Africa, eclipsing the 120,000 square feet structure recently announced as the continent’s largest by a fellow e-commerce player.

“These warehouses will be fully automated with warehouse Management systems to create efficient and accurate inventory management to meet our commitment of same day delivery. We are preparing for the future explosion in the sector as our mandate is very clear – to lead,” said Mr. Ekakitie.

Continuing, he noted that structures would service the network of experienced stores in the various regions of their locations.

“Our over-riding ambition is to ensure that our esteemed customers enjoy guaranteed same day delivery wherever they may be in Nigeria and these warehouses will certainly play a big role in helping us achieve this”, he said.