Ikeja Electric Urges Higher Safety Precautions during Rainy Season


Ejiofor Alike
Ikeja Electric has called on residents and consumers within its network to adopt higher safety precautionary measures during the rainy season, in order to prevent electricity-related accidents.

According to the company, the rainy season, a period which is marked by increased rainfall, thunderstorms, high winds and floods, often witnesses an escalation of accidents in the electricity sector.

Unfortunately many of these accidents become fatal where residents ignore warnings and electric safety guidelines.
Speaking on the need to continue its sensitisation campaign and create greater awareness, the company’s Head of Corporate Communications, Felix Ofulue maintained that the safety of its customers is paramount to the business at all times.

“As a responsible organisation which is committed to the safety of its customers, it is pertinent to remind our valued customers of some basic guidelines that will help save lives at this time. We hope that our customers will in turn pass this information around such that more accidents are prevented and we will avoid loss of lives,” he explained.

Ofulue advised consumers to avoid conditions that can compromise the safe use of electricity, such as using wet electrical appliances; citing that the dangers associated with electricity when it gets in contact with water, especially in this period of rainy season, is very grave.
He further warned that where poles had been felled during heavy winds, that pedestrians MUST stay away from the area until help comes. He warned against ignoring exposed conduit wires which may result in electric shock if they come in contact with water.

“If you see a fallen power line, kindly move away from the line and any that is in contact with it because such power line in contact with water constitutes danger. The proper way to move away is to shuffle away with small steps, keeping your feet together and on the ground at all times, as this will minimize the potential for a strong electric shock”, he said.

He called on residents to report cases of leaning, tilted or misaligned poles, sagging cables and snapped cables urgently through all the company’s social media channels, Customer Care website and helplines, so that the technicians can clear the faults immediately.

He condemned the common practice of conducting commercial activities under power cables, noting that the poles could easily snap due to strong winds, while also advising consumers not to engage quack electricians to attempt repairs as this may lead to property damage, fires and even loss of life

Ikeja Electric recently received the Award for the Company with the Best Health and Safety Initiatives, 2015/16 at the Nigerian Risk Award -Economic and Social Risk Summit.