Tambuwal: We’ve Laid Down a Durable Foundation for Sokoto


Sokoto State Governor, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, yesterday said in spite of all odds, his administration has laid down a durable foundation for the progress of the state.

Speaking at the occasion of Democracy Day in Sokoto, Tambuwal said despite the fact that the resources of the state were critical compared to other states, his administration had resolved to overcome challenges and ensure good governance for the benefit of the citizens.

According to him, the essence of governance is to ensure continuity, especially where earmarked projects are on the basis of highly aggregated public interest.

 The governor posited that the state government had critically analysed projects that it wished to ensure their completion while funding has been sustained within the limit of available resources.

 He said the compelling need to ensure the completion of numerous on-going projects inherited from the previous administration made the state government to adopt evaluation and review techniques that will enable it forge ahead.

 “Since the inauguration of our administration in May 2015, we have been working considerably to make proper appraisal of the policies, programmes and projects of the previous administration to align them with realities of our time,” he said.

Tambuwal noted that the dwindling resources owing to falling oil prices necessitated a paradigm shift in his administration’s approach to economic matters and financial management.

He emphasised that his administration decided to focus its attention on agriculture because the sector has the potential to adequately bail the state out from the unfortunate situation.

He explained that the state government had intervened in the provision of water pumps, seedlings, drilling of tube wells and agricultural machineries at the cost of N1.6 billion.

The governor reaffirmed his determination to increase access to education, improve quality of education through the expansion of schools and construction of new ones as well as continue the sponsorship of students for educational training at all levels, within and outside the country.