The Strike was Struck


The strike action called by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) last Wednesday can be described as a failure. It is instructive that Nigerians, despite the needling experience caused by the hike in petrol price have chosen to let it be. Unlike in the past, Nigerians, it appears have grown weary of strikes. That is why they refuse to support and endorse the NLC’s call to action.
It also raises the concern of whether the NLC, factionalised or not, still commands the respect of the Nigerian workers. Too often, the labour leaders betray the overall interest of the workers soon as they have been “settled”.

By refusing to join the strike, the workers, in a way, are saying they can no longer be used as the bargaining chips.
What is more, Nigerians are sick and tired of mindless looting of the nation’s resources in the name of fuel subsidy. By refusing to join the strike, they seem to be saying, remove this silly subsidy for once and let’s face the reality. Since 1979, no government has not increased the cost of petrol. Not even the 93 days of Ernest Shonekan as Head of  interim National Government, spared Nigerians of the bug of fuel price increase. So let it go and hopefully, let the stealing in the name of fuel subsidy stop.
That is why Nigerians struck the strike action.