Campari Appoints 2face as Brand Ambassador


Legendary pop star, 2face Idibia has been named the first Nigerian ambassador for Campari. Unveiling the star artist at the 2016 edition of Nigerian Entertainment Conference, held recently in Lagos, the Head of Marketing at Brian Munro, the company handling the promotions and distributions of the liquor product,
The head of marketing, Mr. Abayomi Ajao said the brand settled for 2face because he shares a lot of attribute with the iconic brand.

“The brand has been with us for the past 50 years. Before now, we have relied on oversees ambassadors. So, we begin to look at it that why can’t Africa have its own Campari ambassador? Why can’t the ambassador come from Nigeria? So this evening, we are pleased to announce to you that from this year 2016, 2baba is a Campari ambassador for Nigeria”, Ajao said.

He also pointed out what 2face Idibia has in common with the brand that made the company collaborate with him. “We believe that there’s a lot of things that 2baba has that resonate with Campari. 2baba is a hardworking guy. Campari is for the man that has worked very hard and wants to celebrate success.
“2baba is a stylish person, a humble person. Campari is that brand that’s subtle. We feel that 2baba is a charismatic person, we feel that he has the energy, he has everything to collaborate with. So, on behalf of the company, I announce to you 2baba Innocent Ujah Idibai as our ambassador.”