Rotary Club Renovates Classrooms, Donates Projects to Ogun School


Sunday Okobi

The Rotary Club of Omole-Golden, District 9110, Nigeria has donated a block of four classrooms, cleared a dump site, planted trees among others at one of the secondary schools in its district, Ajuwon High School, Ogun State, as it promised to carry out many social projects to aid teaching and learning in the school.

Also, as part of efforts to give back to the society, the club has given out non-interest loan of N50,000 each to seven out of 10 artisans certified by its members.

In his remarks during the inauguration of the projects at the school, the President, Mr. Olusegun Afelogun, disclosed that the club has adopted the school for many projects in future. “Today is a very great day. Before we came here, 10 people from our community have benefited from our micro-finance scheme with the overall total of N1 million to the tune of N50,000.

“It is also interesting to note that we have inaugurated a four-classroom block for the school. Although this is not the first project we have been doing here for the past three years. We have adopted this school and we have been carrying out different developmental projects to aid teaching and learning.”
On the significance of the projects, Afelogun said as leaders of the future, the students need a conducive environment to learn and assimilate what they are taught by their teachers in order to attain their dreams of positively affecting the future.

“I see some of these students becoming tomorrow’s leaders, so it doesn’t really matter where they learn, what matters is for them to lean in a good environment and what is instilled in them. You can imagine the attitude of these elated students towards learning because they now observe the new environment which is very conducive for them.

“Also, the future of this country cannot be jeopardised no matter the situation, so we are doing our best through our humble contributions as we expect other organisations to take a clue from us and see that the future of these children is not cut short by any circumstance.”

Responding, the acting Principal of Ajuwo High School (Senior), Mr. Ogunfowote, Adebanjo, who was visibly excited, said: “Today is a special day in the life of this school because of the special gift given to us by the club. Prior to this day, the classrooms were in a dilapidated state to the extent that students were learning in open-roof classrooms, saturated by the rain and sun, and sometime, submerged by flood in these classrooms while the teachers would be physically unable to teach the students in such condition.
“We thank God that the club came and fulfill its promises. We doubted the members’ zeal to upgrade the school higher, but today, it has now become a reality. The teachers, students and the entire school are very glad for this kind gesture.”

On the maintenance of the projects, he said a huge amount of money has been set aside to take care of them, adding that the staff and students of the school would make sure the classrooms and other projects are maximally used, maintained and continuously put in good state.

Meanwhile, the incoming President of the club, Mrs. Titilayo Sunmonu, has vowed to fulfill all the promises made by the club and sustain all the good works it had started. “At New Year, we promised to give the school ICT and create e-library for the classrooms; donation of school bags, these are part of the projects we plan to carry out this year. Also, we have polio, breast and cervical cancer awareness programme for 500 women and school girls in Ifako Ijaiye community which is within our jurisdiction.

“It is interesting to know that many corporate bodies in the country have keyed into these laudable programmes. Rotary has a culture of follow-up on projects, so all these projects are a continuum which the club will maintain for the sake of humanity.”